Finding Santa at the Mall

Grace knows there is only a short window during which most children believe in Santa. So when their town’s Santa falls ill, Grace persuades Ben — although they barely connect – to take over as Santa for her community.

Find Santa and his silly skiers in this free Christmas game by clicking to enlarge and play! Download it to take home for family fun on the go!

Find Santa at a Toy Store

Santa Paws comes to life when brought into being by a magical crystal and becomes his right-hand companion in helping ensure animals have a Merry Christmas. On their journey through New York to visit their ambassadors for Christmas causes, they are hit by a taxi cab, which causes Santa to suffer amnesia.

Unable to recall his name, he goes into a local toy store where the owners, James and Kate Hucklebuckle, mistake him for store Santa. James agrees to help run the shop for one season before selling it, after which James plans to run the business himself.

While at the orphanage, Santa Paws meets Quinn. Her parents had passed away, leaving her in an orphanage alongside other girls – but her foster mother was one of the meanest, cruelest, most insensitive people ever; she detested Christmas!

Quinn and Santa Paws discover much in common as they spend the evening together, becoming instant friends before quickly developing a special bond. Together, they searched the city to reinvigorate Christmas for everyone involved.

Returning to the North Pole for Christmas celebrations, they encounter three stray dogs named Haggis, Rasta, and T-Money, who are about to be taken in by Franklin (Ms. Stout’s boyfriend and local dogcatcher). With help from Santa’s crystal, they create a diversion for Franklin so he cannot take them in and use its powers to save them – only later returning to him at the toy store where he recognizes who he is before all arriving safely back at their final destination just in time for Christmas celebrations!

Find Santa at a Shopping Mall

Parents often make seeing Santa at the mall part of their child’s childhood tradition. From taking pictures to simply talking with him, spending time with the man in red can be both enjoyable and magical – which explains why shopping centers and malls nationwide keep him around to greet both good kids and bad ones who seek his company.

At Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, Santa sits proudly in his red suit and robe in front of an oversized chair, waiting patiently for photo session participants and parents alike to pose. Santa has busy elf helpers helping the little ones take pictures with him; his helpers were also busy helping pose kids for pictures with parents. However, one youngster with long dark hair and a broad smile appeared nervous: Logan Tompkins (2 years old). Looking at Santa with hands twitching rapidly while eyes darting left and right while looking at him was nervously looking at Santa – his eyes darting around like mad.

His grandmother attempts to calm Logan, but he still won’t sit on Santa’s lap. Instead, he prefers playing with all the Christmas balls and decorations on display with his parents. Logan relents after some encouragement from his mother and the promise of an extra treat.

Santa is always popular at this mall, and there are always lines waiting to meet him. Families may make reservations online to avoid crowds; walk-ups may still be accommodated if time allows between reserved appointments.

Santas must abide by strict rules their employer sets when performing as Santa. That includes looking great with a beard and belly in place and speaking clearly while remaining friendly and engaging – something many mall Santas already possess through previous acting experience or prior roles they’ve held.

Find Santa at a Craft Show

At this holiday craft show, you’ll find festive decor to fill the halls or one-of-a-kind handmade gifts that make perfect presents. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to meet Santa Claus himself for lasting memories with professional photographs available; prices for such sessions may vary.

Santa and his elves have been hard at work wrapping presents for Christmas, but Mrs. Claus wants to ensure Santa stays in top form as he works through piles of Christmas presents with this free printable Santa game!

Gather the family and tell Santa your holiday wishes at this community celebration. Children ages five and under can make crafts, listen to songs of the season, and celebrate with Santa himself! Children must be registered separately.

This local craft show features handmade crafts by over 100 vendors and an opportunity to meet Santa, take a break, and treat yourself to free hot chocolate and cookies while shopping. Don’t forget about Santa Paws, who’ll also make an appearance. There’s even something in it for pets, too – it will add extra holiday spirit!

Find Santa at a Restaurant

Santa Claus is an integral part of Christmas traditions worldwide. On December 24th or 25th (depending on where you reside), he delivers presents to good children while punishing misbehaving ones with his helper Grumpus. Also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, or Kris Kringle. Luckily, he can easily be found around Fort Collins and Northern Colorado! From Old Town Workshop to Garden of Lights, there will be numerous chances to meet him this holiday season and take photos with him!

Santa first made his appearance in pop culture as part of a 19th-century department store display before Thomas Nast Harper’s Weekly cartoonist immortalized his look through Harper’s Weekly comic strips 50 years later in 1949 with Harper’s cartoonist Thomas Nast’s famous rendition of a red cheek, longer beard, white fur trim suit with white fur trim that we recognize today and even movies featuring him have made him even more well-known than before! Coca-Cola Company advertisements featuring Santa further popularized him and now feature him in movies, TV specials, and classic films such as Miracle on 34th Street!

Don’t miss your opportunity to meet Santa this holiday season at EPCOT; photo packages and reservations are available!

Families may celebrate their child’s belief in Santa, while some children are starting to realize he doesn’t exist. While this can be upsetting for children, it is still essential that we help them move past this challenging stage without losing the magic of Christmas. Here are a few ideas for keeping Christmas enjoyable without giving in entirely to tradition:

Find Santa at a Hotel

Are your little ones excited to share their Christmas wish lists with Santa Claus? Looking for an unforgettable meet-and-greet without all the mall hustle? Book a Santa visit at Sofia Hotel’s Currant American Brasserie instead for a delightful brunch meet-up and relaxed meet-and-greet! Saint Nick makes multiple appearances over the holiday season at Currant American Brasserie; children may climb onto his lap as parents capture pictures and video footage!

Logan’s Holiday Magic offers your children an unforgettable experience on December 11th, featuring Mrs. Claus reading them a story and face time with Santa himself! Parents should bring digital or cell phones for photos (which can be purchased for an extra fee).

Drobak Castle offers families an outstanding opportunity to experience Christmas in a truly original fashion. Children of all ages will delight in exploring its fairytale rooms and grounds adorned with trolls, gnomes, and other festive characters; visitors can purchase stamps for their holiday letters at Santa’s Post Office; there’s even an enchanting Secret Forest where children can interact with elves and other festive creatures!