Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Cloud in a Dress

Final Fantasy 7 initially offered multiple dresses for Aerith and Cloud; its remake expands that selection to nine dresses based on which quests you complete in Chapter 9.

Make Johnny unsatisfied in Wall Market by not participating in his Discovery Event, then oppose his Honeybee Inn rhythm minigame and skip his coin toss in Corneo Colosseum – this will unlock the white dress!


This captivating dress, inspired by antique French and English nightgowns, boasts wide bell sleeves with adjustable drawstrings at their ends for comfort. Crafted of organic cotton for optimal wearability.

Aerith, Tifa, and Cloud all receive their dresses during an event in Final Fantasy VII Remake; how you unlock them may vary depending on how you play through. Tifa’s dress may be determined by early choices in Chapter 7, Aerith’s by answering side questions from Chapter 8, while Cloud’s outfit will be decided during Chapter 9, “The Town That Never Sleeps.”

Unlocking Cloud’s dress is more complex than Tifa or Aerith’s; its success depends on dialogue choices made during the latter half of each chapter and which side quests you complete. Skipping all sidequests will result in the simple black dress, while completing “The Party Never Stops,” “Shears’ Counterattack,” and “Burning Thighs” will unlock his black-and-blue number.

Complete all sidequests to earn the achievement “Dressed to the Nines.” Your final dress choice depends on how you interact with Johnny in Honey Bee Inn, with the final decision made upon chapter conclusion.


Contrary to Tifa and Aerith, who each only get one dress in the original Wall Market ending of FF7 Remake, Cloud receives three dresses to unlock in Chapter 9. A maid outfit can be easily obtained by skipping all side quests in Chapter 9; alternatively, it can be opened by simply cutting them all altogether!

After leaving Corneo’s mansion following the dance sequence at Honeybee Inn, you will meet Johnny the Moogle, who wants you to run some errands for him. By answering in either manner, you will end up doing errands for either Chocobo Sam, Madam M, or both as appropriate; which NPC you choose determines the dress outcome, similar to how Tifa’s was defined in Chapter 3.

This versatile ruffle top and dress design invites you to experiment with adding or subtracting tiers, perfect for beginners! Create anything from a top using only one attachment point (tier 1), a midi dress with two, or a floor-length gown by adding three. Initially published in TAUKO Magazine Issue No. 4, this pattern should fit sizes up to 52-58cm bust measurements and 2-3″/5-8 cm of positive ease at the bust area.


As soon as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake was revealed, fans were delighted to find that its iconic scene featuring Cloud in a dress had been preserved – however, it depends on your decisions within the Wall Market section of Chapter 9. Selecting sidequests and making choices within them could determine which dress Cloud eventually wears.

For best results in Chapter 9, when encountering Vagabond Johnny early on, it’s best to ignore him and turn down any offers, such as tossing coins he gives you or receiving a luxury massage at Madam M’s. Also, avoid drinking any mystery drink available in Colosseum as well as taking part in Chocobo Sam’s two quests, The Party Never Stops or A Dynamite Body, as these may unlock a blue and black dress for yourself!

Once these tasks have been accomplished, Madam M will allow you to choose between her two luxury massage courses – Coin Toss and Luxury Course. Once you’ve taken on Hell House in Corneo Colosseum, return to Madam M for any remaining sidequests such as Burning Thighs, The Price of Thievery, or Shears’ Counterattack; doing this will guarantee that you obtain a blue and black dress!


One of Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s signature scenes involves Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith donning glamorous dresses while invading Corneo’s mansion. Your choices in each chapter determine which attire Cloud wears in this scene; while some dresses can be easily unlocked by all players quickly others may require a bit more effort to obtain.

Tifa’s dress will depend on which Odd Jobs you complete in Chapter 3, while Aerith’s will rely on her decisions at the end of Chapter 8. Cloud’s will ultimately depend on his choices in Chapter 9, either wearing a black and blue, lavender, or simple black dress as per his choices.

To unlock the black and blue dress, avoid speaking to Johnny when he runs past you in Wall Market (he will run away after you talk with him), agree when Leslie asks you for help at The Honeybee Inn, and select the luxury massage option during Madam M’s hand massage session. Doing all these things will also unlock “The Party Never Stops” and “Dynamite Bodies” side-quests at Wall Market Hotel as well as “Shears’ Counterattack” and “The Price of Thievery” side-quests at Corneo Colosseum Hotel and unlock side-quests called “Shears Counterattack” and “The Price of Thievery,” both at Corneo Colosseum hotel hotel hotel hotel and Corneo Colosseum respectively.

Unlocking the lavender dress will require you to complete all three previous side quests and perform well in the Honeybee Inn rhythm minigame. Acquiring all nine dresses will earn a bronze trophy called Snappy Dresser; three will net you Snappy Dresser status, while all nine unlock Dressed to the Nines status.