Elite Eleven Leggings Review

Australian sportswear brand Elite Eleven has made flare leggings a fashionable trend again with their $70 Auraflare pants, worn by influencers and celebrities including Maria Thattil, Celeste Bright, Barbie Blank Coba, and Skai Jackson. Elite Eleven claims they combine genuine sport and lifting lifestyle in one product range hoodies, singles, and tights – and is popular with influencers.


Wearing appropriate sportswear can improve an individual’s performance and help avoid injuries during physical exercise, speed up recovery time between workouts, keep you motivated, and inspire inspiration in others.

Elite Eleven is a sportswear brand offering an expansive selection of clothing and accessories, including hoodies, jackets, joggers, pants, shorts, singles tanks, and sports bras leggings. Each garment is carefully designed to combine style, comfort, and function – this can be seen through their Wrap range which features pockets to contour the body and jacquard waistbands that encase everything to keep everything secure in its place.


Investment in appropriate sportswear can make your workouts more pleasant and boost performance while helping prevent injury and speeding the healing process between sessions. There is an assortment of brands offering sportswear at various price points – just read reviews impartially before choosing which product provides value for your money!

These leggings are featherlight and stretch to compression without pulling or tugging at your waist, providing comfortable wear for running or other physical activity. Our tester was particularly pleased by their generous side pockets, which can fit a water bottle, although she did note that the sizing runs large; therefore, you may wish to size down several sizes before purchasing.

Sweaty Betty’s Power leggings come highly recommended by runners Frazier, Klein, and Lutz, professional cross-country coach David Rapp, and professional cross-country coaches. Made with sweat-wicking fabrics that keep moisture at bay while offering figure-hugging shading effects. Squat-proof with snug fits that won’t ride up during runs; available in 24 colors that should easily match most gym gear!