Definitive Technology Speakers

Definitive Technology’s secret weapon is their bipolar array of midrange/tweeter drivers that fire in two directions simultaneously, creating a much larger sound stage than conventional direct-radiating cone ‘n dome speakers.

Combine that with their built-in powered subwoofer and Dolby Atmos compatibility, and you have a speaker system sure to excite any surround enthusiast. Continue reading about these California audio pros!

Bipolar Design

Definitive Technology’s BP-8040ST surround system features bipolar rearward-firing drivers to create an expansive soundstage in your home theater and make for a more engaging viewing experience. Its vast soundstage, natural warmth, and precise imaging will amaze with lifelike musical and cinematic reproduction.

Bipolar design is Definitive Technology’s latest advancement. Traditional speakers use one set of drivers on the front baffle for focus and sweetness. Still, their DM40 tower speakers and DM30 center channel employ an adjustable bipolar array containing drivers on both baffles mirrored back to back for optimal bipolar effect in any given room, giving rise to large soundstages with incredible depth-of-field and more immersive listening experiences.

Definitive’s new bipolar design also features their proprietary Linear Response Waveguide for smooth off-axis dispersion and superior imaging, in combination with their ceramic-coated aluminum oxide tweeter and an advanced unique long excursion 8″ woofer that offers impressive bass performance without the sonic congestion or distortion associated with traditional cone woofers.

Definitive Technology’s BP-8040ST speakers feature Definitive’s innovative BDSS midrange driver for an immersive surround experience, using an elliptical acoustic transducer extending outside of its cabinet for comprehensive soundstage coverage and impressive detail. Furthermore, Definitive’s innovative suspension system minimizes mechanical distortion for off-axis dispersion that provides smooth off-axis dispersion allowing the BD-8040STs to play louder and cleaner than many competing models.

Definitive’s innovative and proprietary acoustic porting solution utilizes an elliptical vent at the top of its cabinet to reduce air turbulence for undistorted sound quality. Furthermore, this speaker features a sizeable high-density polyethylene enclosure featuring a large-mouthed port to maximize output and deep bass response.

Those less concerned with interpretation accuracy will appreciate the BP-8040ST’s natural warmth, expansive soundstage, and precise imaging capabilities. More demanding listeners should note that its detail retrieval may not reach as far as that offered by Mythos ST or STS systems from this brand.

Built-In Subwoofers

Definitive Technology has long been recognized for producing some of the highest-performing full-range tower speakers on the market, and their BP9060 floor sanders don’t disappoint in that respect. Packed with innovative technologies that make these floor standers truly exciting in this price range – bipolar design reflects sound off walls for an expansive soundstage compared to regular speakers, creating an engaging movie-going, and music-listening experience.

The BP9060 stands out from Definitive Technology towers within this price range due to its 6.5-inch BDSS midrange driver’s claimed output and detail enhancement. Furthermore, its one-inch offset aluminum dome tweeter reduces diffraction for more precise imaging and improves dispersion to reach higher frequencies more effectively. BDSS technology combined with innovative engineering sets the BP9060 apart.

The BP9060’s Dolby Atmos feature offers movie enthusiasts an even more engaging movie-watching experience, creating an authentic cinematic effect in your home theater system. Use it with an AVR capable of Dolby Atmos for even greater immersion!

Suppose you want a set of Definitive Technology tower speakers without Dolby Atmos built-in but still want an impressive cinematic experience. In that case, they are still valued at under $2,500 each and can be expanded later by adding height modules from Dolby.

Dolby Atmos technology alone may not make these towers genuinely unique. Still, these subwoofers also enhance deep bass frequencies from movies and TV shows – giving these Definitive Technology speakers a more robust, balanced sound than typical Definitive Technology speakers. Furthermore, their subwoofers are strategically positioned to offer smoother bass in multiple seating locations throughout a room – an important feature many listeners look for when selecting home theater systems.

The BP9060’s subwoofers are powered by their amplifiers, eliminating any dependency on your AVR to supply power directly. This means you can utilize its room correction suite to fine-tune their frequency response and other characteristics – perfect for acoustic tuning or anyone interested in customizing their audio system!

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is one of the most exciting new home theater technologies on the market today, using overhead sound effects to make audio seem more immersive while adding depth and dimension to movies, games, and other content. To take full advantage of Dolby Atmos, you need either a surround sound system with a speaker setup compatible with it (such as a receiver with built-in Dolby Atmos capability or a soundbar equipped with an add-on module) or a receiver equipped with its own dedicated Dolby Atmos capability (including receiver or soundbar with module).

Dolby Atmos can best be experienced through an AV receiver equipped with Dolby Atmos-enabled software. Such receivers feature dedicated software capable of decoding and sending the format to all connected speakers. At the same time, you’ll also require an HDMI 1.4 output compatible with passing Dolby Atmos audio data for playback.

Definitive Technology’s Dimension Series tower speakers boast impressive Dolby Atmos certifications, from the massive DM30 ($1,499) to midrange DM20 ($799) and unpowered DM10 ($699) models. Each features Definitive’s BDSS and LRW (Linear Response Waveguide) technology for improved bass response, high output midrange and tweeter drivers, and wide dispersion for wide dispersion.

Atmos audio support can be added to all these speakers with the addition of an optional Dolby Atmos add-on module called A90, explicitly designed to sit within the tops of DM30, BP9060, and BP9040 speakers and fire upwards toward your ceiling for overhead sound effects. It boasts an impressive frequency response range between 86Hz-40kHz, much more comprehensive than expected from height speakers.

Dolby Atmos differs from standard surround sound systems by using additional speakers for overhead effects. A 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system employs seven conventional channels plus four overhead speakers; you could create a virtual Dolby Atmos setup with as few as two front-facing surround speakers like Sonos Beam Gen 2. However, this setup will sound considerably different than one that utilizes all available speakers.

BDSS Technology

Definitive Technology speakers are designed to bring large-than-life sound into any home cinema environment. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies that enhance sonic performance – including adjustable Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) mid/woofer drivers and pivoting pure aluminum dome tweeters that offer better output and dynamic range than traditional flush mount speakers – Definitive speakers deliver lifelike sonic clarity and acoustic performance that sets Definitive apart from other manufacturers of built-in in-wall speakers.

Definitive Dimension Series models stand out from their peers by not drawing too much attention with bulky or blocky appearance. Instead, these speakers blend effortlessly into home decor thanks to their sleek minimalist style and offer crystal-clear highs with booming bass for an engaging listening experience.

Three Dimension tower speaker models feature built-in powered subwoofers, while the DM70 and BP9020 offer Dolby Atmos/DTS:X certified surround speakers. In addition, there is an in-wall center channel speaker called the DM40 designed to fit inside an AV cabinet shelf; additionally, there is also an on-wall center channel called the DM10 intended for wall mounting.

The DM80 prominent tower speaker provides the expansive and dynamic bipolar sound field synonymous with this brand. Equipped with BDSS drivers, amiable tweeters, and a distinctively-textured AeroRing to disperse sound evenly across a wider area for excellent coverage capabilities, its design ensures wide-angle dispersion capabilities that guarantee excellent coverage capability.

Similarly, the DM30’s midrange woofers produce an inviting and full sound regardless of your position relative to the speaker. They utilize Definitive’s BDSS technology and LRW (Linear Response Waveguide) for enhanced bass response and crisp midrange detail.

The DM80s feature an Intelligent Bass Control on the back of each cabinet that blends subwoofer output with mids and highs to reduce distortion and create an even more immersive soundstage. This patented feature lets you experience all of the power and excitement of music or movies without losing sight of dialogue and other crucial aspects of soundtracks. Furthermore, they come equipped with 3-inch aluminum oxide tweeters as well as 3XR Architecture which combines an 8-inch powered subwoofer with two passive bass radiators for canyon-deep bass performance.