Consumer Safety Technology Inc

Consumer Safety Technology is a premier provider of products and services designed to promote responsible living, keep communities secure, support veterans, and facilitate insurance brokerage. CST provides ignition interlock devices, alcohol monitoring systems, health assessments, and insurance brokerage. Their brands include Intoxalock and Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, backed by Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe in Des Moines, Iowa.


The Intoxalock(r) ignition interlock device (IID) integrates seamlessly with your car’s existing fuel system to prevent your vehicle from starting if alcohol is detected on your breath. Drivers must blow into an integrated mouthpiece using an exclusive “blow-inhale-blow” pattern before starting their vehicle; then analyze a breath sample taken before ignition to assess whether their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) falls within state legal limits; if that analysis shows no breach, your vehicle will start as usual and vice versa; making it the most straightforward user-friendly IID available today!

CST provides DUI solutions through brands such as Intoxalock – the number one ignition interlock device brand in the US; New Directions assessments; Breath Easy Insurance Solutions; and roadside assistance services. CST currently services legally mandated IID customers and elective IID and home monitoring customers in 48 states nationwide from its headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, with offices throughout the nation.

CST is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace, joining the Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), which connects military spouses with hundreds of partner employers committed to recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining military spouses.

Intoxalock also offers an innovative digital violation analysis tool called Intoxavisor that enables monitoring authorities to more easily detect violations and reduce time spent reviewing and responding to them – freeing time to focus on cases and people instead.

Intoxalock is supported by Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe and ClearLight Partners. For more information, visit

Ignition Interlocks

Consumer Safety Technology’s advanced ignition interlock devices were created with Iowa State University researchers using fuel cell technology to analyze breath samples. If test results indicate a blood alcohol content (BAC) higher than an established limit, the engine won’t start. Tampering with this device alerts monitoring authorities immediately, who may impose sanctions such as fines or extended IID usage periods.

Ignition interlocks have proven effective at deterring repeat drunk driving offenses. According to research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, states mandating ignition interlocks following first DUI conviction experienced 15 percent fewer impaired-driving fatalities compared with states with less stringent requirements; their injury prevention benefits were similar to the reduction seen with raising minimum legal drinking age and installing airbags, according to researchers.

Ignition Interlock Devices from CST is an affordable and effective way to reduce impaired driving, assist offenders in returning to driving safely, and make communities and roads safer for more than three decades. Their products serve both legally mandated IID installations and voluntary installations nationwide through one of the largest networks of service centers.

Though many associate ignition interlocks with court-imposed sanctions, installing one voluntarily in your car has many advantages. Safety should always come first: by using a DOT-certified breathalyzer before starting up your vehicle, a voluntary IID may prevent driving while impaired and maintain good license standing. Additionally, IIDs may help your employment prospects if your field has strict policies against DUI charges; for example, an area that includes sales.

Voluntary IIDs enable drivers to keep their driving status so that they may continue working, taking children to school, or attending counseling and substance abuse treatment sessions. According to one UK study, families of offenders using ignition interlock devices overwhelmingly approve of them and reported positive impacts on their loved one’s driving behavior behind the wheel.

Driver Monitoring Solutions

Driver monitoring systems are invaluable for preventing distracted and fatigued driving accidents. These systems typically incorporate a camera built into the dashboard aimed directly at the driver’s face that accurately assesses their presence and state. Sensors detect signs of fatigue such as blinking, head tilting, steering wheel movements, or blinking as indicators for distraction or drowsiness; furthermore, they can even see potentially unsafe driving behavior such as smoking cigarettes or inappropriate cell phone usage.

Fleet managers can utilize this technology to effectively oversee their drivers remotely and take corrective measures to keep business operations and people safe. Furthermore, it can ensure drivers wear seat belts and avoid engaging in prohibited activities while driving – helping prevent costly accidents while safeguarding brand image.

Though some drivers may feel uneasy about having their car monitor them to spot mistakes, it can be an invaluable tool if used effectively. Communication must occur clearly with drivers so that they understand their role within an overall safety program and involve them in the process so as not to feel micromanaged; this will make the system more effective.

Driver monitoring systems can also assist your fleet drivers in becoming better drivers and becoming more self-aware about their driving behaviors. Though one-off erratic driving may occur from time to time, regular patterns of unsafe or inefficient driving must be addressed by installing driver monitoring systems in vehicles and emphasizing its benefits to your fleet drivers.

Driver monitoring systems offer great promise for the future and will continue to become increasingly sophisticated. Their aim is to minimize human error-related accidents and deaths; with this technology, we can all drive more safely while protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and the environment. CST strives to do just that with its core ignition interlock safety device and other brands such as Intoxalock, New Directions, and Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions.


Consumer Safety Technology sells breathalyzers and ignition interlocks. Their headquarters are in Dublin, Ohio; investors include Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe and ClearLight Partners. Employees include executive positions such as executive, sales, marketing, customer service, and marketing roles; their website also contains an employment section listing any current job openings; furthermore, they participate in the MSEP program, which offers employment opportunities to military spouses.

This company provides its employees with a comprehensive benefits package, from medical, dental, and vision coverage options to participation in a 401(k) plan and life insurance policy. Employees also enjoy competitive salaries with earned vacation and leave time according to work experience and qualifications.

Consumer safety inspectors oversee meat, poultry, and egg processing plants to ensure they adhere to federal food safety regulations. Trained to identify potential health hazards within these establishments, these professionals can work alongside government agencies in taking legal actions against companies that do not follow government policies and may investigate complaints against specific products.

To become a consumer safety inspector, a bachelor’s degree is necessary. Majoring in food science or public health can provide the required training. Interning in public health also offers invaluable experience for this role; PowerPoint, HACCP, and FDA certification are needed as part of this role.