Cringe Clothing Reviews

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Fashion trends often make people cringe when they reflect on them, especially the ones that were once trendy but now seem ridiculous or embarrassing.

Skinny Scarf

A skinny scarf was once an indispensable fashion trend during Kate Moss’s 1990s heyday and is back as an artsy accent this fall season. Not only is it easy to add one, but its bold vertical line draws attention across your outfit from head to toe. 2023 has seen several unconventional trends emerge (tights as pants and underwear as outerwear being some examples), so its comeback should be no surprise. No matter if it’s channeling romantic comedies from films or just wanting to emulate Sienna Miller–this small addition will elevate your look this fall season!

Whale Tail

Whale tails are captivating as they rise out of the water only to plunge back down again. The whale tail fashion trend involves wearing jeans so low that you can see your panty line or, more precisely, your g-string; usually, this style comes complete with chains hanging down your back, creating an unattractive look and discomforting wearing experience.

This clothing trend first surfaced on Urban Dictionary in 2003 and saw renewed popularity during the 2000s; however, this year, it seems to have made a comeback – even appearing on a spinoff of Degrassi: The Next Generation designed to teach teenagers life lessons.

Though whale tails might have been popular trends during our youth, they’re inappropriate in a show designed to teach young people life lessons. That’s why it makes our list of unsuitable clothing items.