Cooling Shirt Reviews

This innovative shirt combines several technologies to combat heat exhaustion. Constructed of polyester and cotton materials integrated into “Jersey fabric,” its composition effectively wicks sweat away while encouraging evaporative cooling for faster relief and resists wrinkles for wrinkle-free wear.

Other technologies include drirelease GEO, which optimizes moisture for natural evaporative cooling; Odorsheer to reduce body and environmental odor; and UPF 50 sun protection.

1. Dickies Temp iQ Performance Cooling T-Shirt

Dickies t-shirts are always of high quality and this one is no exception. Constructed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester jersey fabric, it boasts a soft feel comparable to cotton while helping keep you more relaxed using evaporative cooling and moisture management technology to wick sweat away and stay breathable throughout the day.

This dark navy work shirt features a regular fit to minimize constriction, using soft jersey fabric that feels nice against your skin. Plus, there’s an optional chest pocket and stain-release treatment to make care easy on any job site!

Dickies has designed this performance tee with their innovative Temp-iQ intelligent cooling to help regulate body temperature and provide dynamic cooling when necessary. Plus, moisture management will wick sweat away so you stay dry so you can focus on the task at hand!

2. Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt offers many features that make it a superior cooling shirt in hot climates. Crafted from TACTEL fabric (cotton alternative fabric), which is lightweight yet soft against your skin. Furthermore, TACTEL fabric also stretches to move with you as you move. You can wear this cooling Tee shirt as an outer layer while exercising, traveling, or simply running errands.

Arctic Cool technology in this shirt draws sweat away from your body and disperses it into the air, optimizing natural evaporative cooling. In addition, other technologies such as UPF 50 sun protection and OdorSheer odor control are included for added peace of mind. Finally, its moisture-managing properties last for hours – plus, its machine-washable design means it’s reusable too!

3. Dr. Cool Recovery Endothermic Cooling Shirt

Coolcore, the company behind this cooling shirt, leverages two components that transform their garments into powerful cooling agents: fabric production technology and finishing technology. Their shirt is constructed from ultra high-gauge (50 gauge) fabric, increasing durability and minimizing environmental impact; additionally, it uses an infusion of xylitol that absorbs body heat via endothermic reactions while simultaneously regulating evaporation; this chemical-free solution means less frequent washings for maximum evaporative cooling power!

This cooling tee shirt contains xylitol, an antifungal and antibacterial ingredient with antimicrobial properties to combat any foul odors during physical exercise or competition. As such, this cooling garment offers athletes who wish to stay fresh smelling an ideal choice to fight potentially lingering bacteria that might develop as they train or compete.

4. Columbia Endothermic Cooling T-Shirt

At first glance, this shirt may appear similar to any other long-sleeved t-shirt. Still, when turned inside out, you can see tiny white dots and small blue rings resembling little white spots and circles. These titanium dioxide compound dots reflect sunlight more efficiently, providing relief on sweltering days when worn as an underlayer rather than exposed skin would.

This shirt contains an embedded xylitol compound that reacts with your sweat to absorb and draw heat away from you in an endothermic reaction, similar to when chewing gum cools your mouth.

The fabric itself is ultrathin yet sturdy due to its high gauge construction. This makes it durable while remaining soft and comfortable – providing sun protection of at least UPF 15. This shirt is also made with Nylon 6.6 material, providing strong yet flexible durability.