Carl Weber’s The Family Business

The Family Business is an original drama adapted from Carl Weber’s bestseller book series, published by both the New York Times and Essence’s bestselling. Premiering on BET+ in 2018, Ernie Hudson plays L.C. Duncan, patriarch of a prominent Jamaican family that runs an exclusive car dealership during the day while engaging in illicit activity at night.

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The Family Business, based on Carl Weber’s crime drama books, tells the tale of The Duncans – an upstanding family in New York who own and operate an exotic car dealership by day and engage in dangerous underworld activity at night. Boasting an outstanding cast, this series explores themes of family and loyalty while telling a riveting tale.

BET+ recently renewed one of their most beloved shows, Big Time Rush (formerly ‘Big Time Rush), for another season, which will likely air this summer. The previous season of this series was met with great reviews from both audiences and critics alike.

The series boasts an outstanding cast and storyline, making The Family Business an essential watch for crime drama fans. Ernie Hudson stars as L.C. Duncan, an influential businessman at the head of his powerful Duncan family; Valerie Pettiford portrays Charlotte Duncan – his most trusted advisor – while Darrin DeWitt Henson portrays Orlando Duncan, and Tami Roman portrays London Duncan – plus Emilio Rivera plays Alejandro Zuniga. At the same time, Clifton Powell fills in as Uncle Lou).

Season 4 of this hit series premiered in July 2021 to tremendous ratings success, featuring an exceptional cast, compelling storyline, and explorations of themes of family and loyalty that became fan favorites. Season 5 should prove just as captivating and captivating.

Carl Weber’s The Family Business will continue its story of the Duncan family in season 5. Beginning where season four left off, this installment will explore themes related to family, loyalty,, and organized crime, which Carl Weber himself is well-versed in exploring.

The Family Business is one of the most anticipated television series, and its fans eagerly anticipate its release date. Philo (starting at $25/month) and FuboTV offer access to it; however, no official date has been set for episode five’s release; therefore, fans should keep checking back for updates.


Carl Weber’s The Family Business is an adaptation of his book series about the Duncan family, an upstanding yet tight-knit clan that owns and operates an exotic car dealership by day while secretly living dangerous lives at night. Starring Ernie Hudson as patriarch L.C. Duncan and Valarie Pettiford as his wife Charlotte “Chippy,” The Family Business features an action-packed drama that follows their lives as they face pressure from politicians, mafia bosses, and drug cartels throughout New York City and surrounding New Yorkers alike – leading up to some hazardous decisions along the way! Ernie Hudson plays patriarch L.C. Duncan, Valarie Pettiford portrays his wife Charlotte “Chippy,” and Ernie Hudson shows his son L.C.

BET’s premiere of The Family Business was an incredible success and is anticipated to return with its second season sometime around 2022. Ernie Hudson and Valarie Pettiford star as Ernie Duncan and Valarie Pettiford, respectively; also featuring are Darrin DeWitt Henson as Orlando Duncan; Javicia Leslie as Paris Duncan; Sean Ringgold as Junior Duncan and Tami Roman as London Duncan-Grant respectively, among others noteworthy cast members like Armand Assante as Sal Dash; Antoine Holmes Sr as Carl and Spencer Holmes as Carlos before Emilio Rivera plays Alejandro Zuniga for us all to watch out for season 2.

Brely Evans and Ben Stephens, who regularly appear as Sonya Duncan and Curtis Duncan on The Family Business, respectively, have been elevated to series regular status for its fourth season. Bern Nadette Stanis from Good Times and Nayirah Teshali will also join as regular cast members. At the same time, Sacaiah Shaw will portray Kenny Duncan, an unsavory psychopath looking for revenge against LC.

Tri Destined Studios and BET collaborate on The Family Business. Nikaya D. Brown Jones serves as showrunner and executive producer, with Trey Haley as co-executive producer/director. Guests include Lisa Raye McCoy, Eva LaRue, Michael Jai White, Christian Keyes Flex, Alexander Buddy Lewis Malik Yoba Frankie G, and many others. Originally envisioned as a feature-film franchise but ultimately decided upon a television series format instead, which proved highly successful! Fans love watching this series each week – now.


BET Networks has licensed Carl Weber’s The Family Business, an eight-episode drama based on his New York Times best-selling crime novels. The eight episodes will focus on L.C. Parker and his family business in California. Duncan (Ernie Hudson) is part of an influential Jamaica, Queens family that operates an exotic car dealership and illegal activities within their community. The series follows the Duncan family as they decide which of their children should take over their business and face opposition from rivals, drug cartels, politicians, and mafia members. Carl Weber wrote and produced the script by Tri Destined Studios and Urban Books Media, with Nikaya D. Brown Jones serving as Showrunner/Executive Producer at Tri Destined Studios. In contrast, Trey Haley serves as Co-Executive Producer/Director at Urban Books Media.


Carl Weber’s The Family Business is an exciting action-drama series about the Duncan family. They run an exotic car dealership during the day while living a dangerous secret life at night – it explores themes of loyalty and betrayal; audiences have responded well, earning it renewal for a fifth season!

This season will be the most action-packed yet. The producers of The Family Business have promised it will be full of unexpected plot twists and cliffhangers. Additionally, Brely Evans and Ben Stephens (Sonya Duncan and Curtis Duncan, respectively) were promoted to series regular status, while Nayirah Teshali and Sacaiah Shaw have joined as cast regulars. It is co-produced by BET, Tri Destined Studios, and Urban Books Media.

This popular series has received positive feedback from viewers, earning it a rating of 6.0/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. Based on Carl Weber’s best-selling novel series, Ernie Hudson plays L.C. Duncan. He attempts to hand his exotic car dealership over to one of his children. Still, he finds this decision difficult, with workaholic Orlando wanting his share, conning daughter Paris vying for attention, and Rio demanding their share.

Carl Weber’s Family Business has been renewed for a fifth season, and production will soon commence. The show will pick up where season four left off – with Carl and his family dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected event – with more drama, suspense, and plot twists set to unfold during this fifth installment of Carl’s series.

Valarie Pettiford stars as Charlotte Duncan; Armand Assante as Sal Dash; Emilio Rivera plays Alejandro Zuniga; Darrin Henson as Orlando Duncan; Javicia Leslie as Paris Duncan; Clifton Powell plays Uncle Lou; Miguel A. Nunez Jr as Harris Grant (Uncle Lou); Tami Roman serves as a director; Sean Ringgold as Junior Duncan, Christian Keyes as Nilles Monroe, KJ Smith as Sasha Duncan and Arrington Foster plays Rio Duncan – with Trey Haley as showrunner and director for Tri Destined Studios. Executive producers Nikaya D Brown Jones and Carl Weber executive produce. At the same time, Trey Haley serves as both showrunner and director for Tri Destined Studios with Trey Haley acting as showrunner/director for Tri Destined Studios with Trey Haley acting as director/showrunner and director for Tri Destined Studios with Tri Destined Studios serving as showrunner/director Trey Haley performing both duties – Trey Haley acting both ways for Tri Destined Studios acting as showrunner/director duties for Tri Destined Studios with Trey Haley serving both roles – Trey Haley as showrunner/director for Tri Destined Studios with him working as showrunner/director as well.