Brightside Car Insurance Reviews

Brightside Car Insurance is a specialist insurance broker. It provides standard cover levels for cars and modified motorbikes. However, we’ve heard a few complaints about the firm. So we’ve decided to look at its customer service and policies. We’ve also looked at its windscreen cover and personal accident cover levels.

Brightside Car Insurance is a specialist insurance broker.

Brightside Car Insurance is a specialist insurance provider offering comprehensive motor vehicle cover. They have a range of products to choose from, including third-party car insurance, which covers damage to third-party property but does not cover damage to your car. If you want complete protection for your car, you should opt for comprehensive insurance, which provides the same level of cover as a third party and protects it against theft or fire damage. It can also be cheaper than third-party insurance.

Founded in 2001, Brightside is a specialist insurance broker and offers car insurance policies for several niche markets. The company’s headquarters are in Bristol, serving around 231,000 customers. Most of its customers have car, van or bike insurance policies. In 2003, Brightside started selling professional sports insurance policies to athletes and offering its own private motor insurance product in 2010. In 2016, Brightside Car Insurance launched an online van insurance product available to van drivers across the UK.

It offers personal accident cover.

Personal accident cover is a critical aspect of car insurance. However, it is not always easy to get the right policy. Brightside Car Insurance has a variety of products to choose from, and you can also tailor the cover to suit your needs. Brightside also offers black box insurance, which uses a telematics system to measure your speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and more. This report is used to determine your premium. Having a clean driving history and avoiding accidents can help reduce your premium.

In addition to offering car insurance, Brightside has several other types of insurance, including life, home, and business insurance. The company is a broker, so your policy will be with an insurer on Brightside’s books. Brightside offers cover for various drivers, including people with high-risk levels.

It offers a windscreen cover.

Brightside Car Insurance offers a wide range of car insurance covers, including comprehensive, third-party, fire and theft, and personal accident insurance. It offers optional extras, including a windscreen cover, a courtesy car cover, and a breakdown service. In addition, you can get a temporary insurance policy that covers you for 24 or 28 days. However, you must be aware that you may have to pay an administration fee if you need to change the policy details.

Brightside has a UK-based claims service, but you can also use its online services to file a claim. It also provides a 24-hour helpline for claims. The company’s T&Cs may change over time, so check them regularly.

It offers standard cover levels for modified motorbikes.

Brightside Car Insurance offers a comprehensive range of insurance options for motorbikes and other vehicles. Its policy options vary according to your needs and are priced competitively. Its standard cover levels are suitable for many situations, including those involving criminal convictions, those needing financial support due to job loss, and those with modified vehicles. Brightside also offers GAP insurance to cover the difference between what the insurer will pay and what you spend on your vehicle. Other services include breakdown cover and critical cover. You can also opt for a temporary insurance policy, which lasts between 24 and 28 days. However, you must know that changing your policy will incur a small administration fee.

If you have modified your motorbike, you should consider an insurance policy with a modified motorbike spec. This will ensure you’re covered for the increased risk and value the modifications bring. However, checking the details of the modification you’re considering is essential, as some insurers won’t cover a heavily modified motorbike. Each insurer will have its underwriting policy, so it is essential to check with your insurer before purchasing any cover.

It has received 21 complaints.

Brightside Car Insurance has received 21 complaints about its service. The company has previously operated as Ecards but changed its name due to bad press and a damaging article in The Sun. Brightside has a reputation for imposing exorbitant fees and robotic customer support. In the past three years, it has increased renewal premiums by three to four times.