Andrews Valley Rail Tours

Cycle along a mountain trail and witness waterfalls, forests, and the historic Valley River Tunnel built by railroad workers in 1894 – each rail car seating four people makes this adventure truly enjoyable! Take in nature at its finest!

Beginning at the Andrews Depot and proceeding for 5 miles into mountains and wilderness, enjoy breathtaking landscapes, forests, wildlife viewing areas, and crystal clear mountain rivers crossing historic open deck railroad bridges.

Speeder Cart Tour

Andrews Valley Rail Tours offer an exciting and memorable way to explore the majestic mountain views in and around Andrews. Their pedal-powered train carts are great for families, accommodating four passengers per car. Each tour lasts approximately two hours and they suggest bringing along snacks and water, with snacks offered if needed during this journey. Those with physical limitations also can opt for their SpeedCart option!

After retiring, Jack and Judy Roberson did not want to spend all day sitting around doing nothing, so they opened a business that runs passenger rail cars on an old railroad track in Andrews with spectacular vistas, seven bridges, and a 1,000-foot tunnel.

The couple’s one-of-a-kind authentic Speeder Car tour offers an unforgettable mountain and wilderness experience. Travel 5 miles through breathtaking landscapes, forests, and abundant wildlife as you cross Historic open deck railroad bridges on your way to explore the hand-carved Valley River Tunnel; then disembark and discover its rain forest-esque surroundings.

After taking a 30-minute break, we will reboard the railcar and return to Andrews via five miles. You will gain new perspectives of all the sights you just saw, leaving with smiles on your faces. We guarantee it.

Historic Valley River Tunnel Tour

This two-hour tour centers around the historic Valley River Tunnel, constructed in 1894 as an engineering feat of its day.

Safety concerns prevent access to the interior of this tunnel; however, its exterior makes an impressive sight from the outside. With an entrance situated along a rock face and nicknamed the Turn Hole by visitors who see it first-hand. Furthermore, tours include visits to both Clisby Austin House and Tunnel Museum as part of their itinerary.

Apart from its tunnel, this tour offers an enjoyable and scenic journey through mountains and wilderness. Visitors will witness amazing landscapes and forests, an abundance of wildlife, crystal clear mountain rivers and streams crossing historic open deck railroad bridges, and much more during this excursion.

RailBikes offered by this company feature four seats each, making them suitable for family riding. Rental times on Wednesday to Sunday range between 9 am, noon, and 3 pm – those with physical disabilities are also welcome on board!

Soon, this couple plans to add waterfalls and other interesting sites to their tours, working with local restaurants for boxed lunch service for passengers – something Cooper describes as vitally important for local economies.

On this tour, you’ll take an unforgettable journey through the Valley River Tunnel and soak in some of North Carolina’s stunning mountain scenery. This trip provides an exceptional opportunity to gain a new perspective on this incredible region while making memories that will endure for a lifetime!

This two-hour journey provides the chance to discover the natural beauty of Cherokee County countryside, making this experience one of a kind and memorable. Perfect for family outings or groups alike – river cruise, delicious lunch with live music – everyone will cherish every second!

Boone & Scenic Valley RailBike Tour

Pedal-powered rail bikes provide an unforgettable way to experience nature. Perfect for families, each car can seat four passengers; each tour features an electric assist motor to assist riders in climbing hills or when tiredness sets in. Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad recently welcomed this inaugural Midwest location of pedal-powered rail bikes into service.

Zach Boyden-Holmes and I had the opportunity to try this unique experience for ourselves this week, and we can attest that it truly is one-of-a-kind! Tours start from the Rail Explorers Depot of the train museum with free parking available; guests receive safety orientation before beginning their ride along a track where scenery transitions from residential streets to farmland and bluffs – there may also be road crossings; staff will advise when the corner is safe – plus several bridges, including Bass Point Creek High Trestle Bridge!

Catchpoole makes riding a rail bike across this bridge look daunting, but in actuality, it’s pretty straightforward, and breathtaking views make this “showstopper of the whole ride.” At 760 feet long and 156 feet high, it offers stunning vistas of Des Moines River Valley as you pass over it with its thrilling slope. A must-see for rail enthusiasts, and riding across is always thrilling while looking down upon the creek below!

Boone & Scenic Valley RailBike Tour provides one of the best ways to experience Boone this summer. To book one, visit their website.

Rail Explorers USA was established in 2012 as the premier provider of railbike tours nationwide. Their pedal-assisted vehicles offer an enjoyable and unique way to explore nature. Their fifth location – Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad in Rhode Island – joins Cooperstown, New York; Catskill Mountains, New York; and Las Vegas, Nevada, respectively.