AIG Travel Guard Reviews

Aig Travel Guard is one of the most widely recognized and respected travel insurance companies in the world. Their plans are customizable, easy to use, and offer a wide range of coverage options.

Their travel insurance covers medical expenses up to $50,000, dental costs up to $500, and emergency evacuation compensation of $150,000. They also offer trip interruption and cancellation benefits.

Customer Service

AIG Travel Guard offered 24-hour customer support for travel medical emergencies and lost and found items. This service helps you locate your missing luggage and track down a local doctor or hospital in case of an emergency.

The company also has a helpful web portal to submit a claim and get a status update in real time. You can even check if you’re eligible for trip cancellation and interruption benefits.

The company has a variety of insurance products for travelers of all ages and budgets. Their most popular plan is the Preferred. It offers up to $500k in emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains coverage. It also has an optional bundle to help pay for things like losing your suitcase, having a hotel room locked, or experiencing closed attractions.

Coverage Options

AIG Travel Guard offers a wide variety of travel insurance plans, and each project comes with several unique benefits. These include personal security assistance and 24-hour emergency assistance, as well as a variety of options for travelers that are traveling abroad for more extended periods.

The Essential, Preferred, and Deluxe plans offer different levels of protection and benefits. This is important to consider before purchasing any project, as each will better suit specific circumstances and needs.

The Essential plan is an excellent entry-level policy, offering up to 100% coverage for trip cancellations and interruption events. In addition, this plan includes many other benefits, like trip delay, baggage loss, and a pre-existing medical condition waiver.

Claims Process

AIG Travel Guard offers several travel insurance plans for leisure and business travelers. Their policies provide coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage delay, medical expenses, and emergency evacuation.

The company’s three main plans are Travel Guard Essential, Travel Guard Preferred, and Travel Guard Deluxe. It also offers an annual plan, ideal for people who take multiple trips throughout the year.

If you have to file a claim, you’ll need to provide various documentation. These can include receipts, medical bills, and police reports.

Another thing that can help speed up the claims process is to submit the documents online. For example, AIG Travel has an online “First Notice of Loss Portal” that allows you to submit your claim information and receive updates on the status of your claim.

Travel Guard also provides 24-hour customer service for its customers to assist them with any issues they may have while traveling. Additionally, the company offers COVID-19-related travel health insurance.


AIG Travel Guard offers excellent customer service, including 24/7 emergency assistance. These services include rebooking flights, arranging rental car roadside assistance and return missed connection coordination, and concierge service.

They also offer travel medical services that arrange transportation, repatriation of remains, replacement of prescription medications, and relaying medical information to your family back home.

Travelers can choose from four different plans, which vary in coverage. The Essential and Preferred plans are basic options, while the Deluxe plan is more comprehensive.

All of the AIG Travel Guard plans offer dynamic pricing, which means the price will fluctuate based on your residence, age, trip cost, and length of time between policy purchase and travel date. In addition, several optional bundles can be added to your policy, including a baggage bundle and a medical bundle with higher limits.