Zoho Invoice

The Zoho invoice app is an easy-to-use cloud-based software application. It is designed with the needs of small businesses in mind. It provides all the features needed for a smooth and efficient invoicing process. From the payment gateways it supports to the customization options available, it has everything you need to keep track of your business transactions.

Customization options

Zoho invoice is a free accounting software that allows users to customize their invoices. These options allow users to modify the layout, header information, and other invoice details.

Zoho Invoice has an extensive list of integrations that help users connect their billing and accounting needs with their other business software. Zoho integrates with various third-party payment processors and supports multi-currency, allowing you to accept payments in multiple currencies.

The dashboard in Zoho shows the number of sales and receipts for each day. It also offers outstanding balances by month and year. In addition, users can customize their Zoho dashboard by adding custom fields.

Users can also customize their Zoho invoices using Zoho Invoice templates. Templates can be saved and then used for individual invoices. Customization options include the header and footer, payment terms, and more.


Zoho invoice integrations are designed to streamline and simplify sending and receiving invoices. In addition, they provide easy access to crucial business data and help keep employees and vendors up to date.

The Projects timesheet module in Zoho Invoice provides a way for users to record time, including billable and non-billable hours. Users can also set several custom fields and map them to those in the Zoho Invoice database.

The Turis integration in Zoho Invoice is designed to provide users with real-time information synchronization, eliminating the need for manual data entry. For example, it can automatically send a financial summary of an account to Zoho Invoice or only show it to the originating contact.

Zoho Invoice is built to be a complete solution for your business, including email marketing, customer support, and online document storage. This app allows you to customize your invoices, set up email notifications, and track estimates. You can also set up and manage tasks, assign users, and even use Zoho’s review feature.

iDEAL payment mode

Zoho invoice is a free cloud-based software tool that helps small businesses to create, manage, and track invoices. It offers multiple payment gateways, customizable templates, and a variety of other features.

Zoho invoice has a simple interface, which makes it easy to learn. Although it is not the most sophisticated software on the market, it is a good solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Zoho Invoice allows you to send recurring and one-time invoices. It also supports automated payments and invoice reminders. Besides, it integrates with many payment gateways, including PayPal. This means that you will not have to worry about chasing after payments.

However, it is not ideal for subscription services. If you wish to use PayPal invoicing, you must create a separate PayPal business account.

Support for multiple payment gateways

Zoho Invoice is a valuable tool for tracking and managing payments. It is integrated with several online payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout. Besides, it also supports recording offline payments.

Moreover, Zoho offers a wide range of add-ons and features. For example, it can send payment reminders to customers. Also, it has a reporting dashboard. But Zoho’s most innovative feature is its ability to manage recurring billing. This allows you to automate subscription payments.

Meanwhile, Zoho’s subscription management service offers support for 196 countries and multiple payment gateways. With this in mind, you should pick a payment gateway that can handle international transactions.

In the process, you’ll need to enter your bank account information. You can either enter the data manually or choose to have Zoho automatically generate the details for you.

Exporting invoices and bills of supply

Zoho invoice exporting is easy to send an invoice to a customer via email. To use this feature, you must first link your sales orders to your invoices. Then, you can either choose to download your payment receipts or print them. You can also share an invoice link by clicking the Share Invoice Link button. This link will expire, so you may need to update it.

Zoho Books now includes more detailed profit and loss reporting. In addition, you can now generate a report on the number of custom fields used by each entity.

Zoho Books has expanded support for three new languages. It has also introduced support for tax-related updates for post-Brexit transactions. And it has integrated with VAT MOSS reports for UK users.