Which the Black Phone Character Are You?

The Black Phone quiz aims to uncover your alter ego within the captivating world of film. By exploring your preferences, values, and personality traits – as well as which character best represents them – this test aims to discover your identity in its depths.

Mason Thames stars as Finney, an awkward youngster navigating an abusive school environment while living with an abusive father. Here is more on his main characters in Scott Derrickson’s 2021 thriller.


The Black Phone is an unsettling device that connects us to otherworldly forces. While it may cause fear and horror, it also serves as a source of salvation in The Black Phone movie based on Joe Hill’s short story of the same name; Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill did an outstanding job adapting it for cinema.

In 1978, in a quiet suburb of Colorado, an evil kidnapper and murderer known as The Grabber terrorizes the town by abducting children in disguise as magicians with black balloons, then using them to lure them into his van before torturing and murdering them once inside his creepy soundproof basement. Finney, an intelligent but shy child taken captive by The Grabber, is at the heart of this tale.

Finney may seem meek and timid at first glance, but he does not hesitate to stand up against any challenge thrown his way. Drinking toilet water from the basement and trying to force his way through the door are just two tactics the Grabber uses against Finney – warnings that he often disregards until his phone rings and reminds him that all those dead victims of his killing spree want him to stop killing.

Contrary to most horror films, in which evil is usually supernatural, and help is more tangible, this movie takes the opposite approach; evil is present while support comes from beyond. This combination creates an unforgettable classic while tapping into anxiety-ridden youth cultures such as those that already embrace “stranger danger” warnings or milk carton warnings.

The Grabber

The Black Phone is a horror film about a serial killer terrorizing a Denver suburb. Dubbed The Grabber, he abducts children before killing them in his soundproof basement. Finney Blake becomes involved with The Grabber after communicating with one of their previous victims through an old black telephone number that remains disconnected.

Finney is a shy yet clever boy living with an abusive, alcoholic father and experiencing extreme bullying in school. Yet despite these hardships, Finney remains strong-willed and maintains a close relationship with Gwen while being capable of throwing an impressive baseball pitch.

Finney discovers The Grabber has attempted to call him from within his basement cell to exact revenge and prevent the killer from murdering any more children. Meanwhile, past victims are trying to summon Finney so they can exact revenge and stop The Grabber from murdering any more helpless children.

Billy Showalter, one of the Grabber’s victims, calls Finney over the phone to inform him that The Grabber is trying to punish him for past offenses, but he refuses. Instead, Finney offers Billy advice on how he can escape using a cord.

Vance Hopper was another victim of The Grabber. He bullied Finney at his school and was the toughest kid in his class while also enjoying pinball and baseball – both activities in which he shares a strong relationship with his family.


Griffin is one of the most enduring black phone characters. As an inherently mysterious entity that regularly appears in horror stories and acts as an intermediary for supernatural forces, he serves as an excellent conduit. Furthermore, unlike ghosts or demons, he allows for more creative interpretations while tapping into our primal fears by turning a seemingly harmless device into an object of terror.

Joe Hill first introduced the character of The Black Phone with his short story of the same name, featuring a kidnapped boy using an old, disused telephone to connect with the spirits of the dead. Since then, this character has seen various adaptations and adaptations, including an Ethan Hawke-starring horror film directed by Scott Derrickson in 2021.

As Finney sets off on his journey to escape The Grabber, he encounters various ghosts that help him on his quest. One such ghost was Billy Showalter, a paperboy kidnapped by The Grabber himself. Although initially skeptical, Billy proves invaluable – he shows Finney how to use the phone receiver as a weapon and provides tips on combat. Furthermore, Billy is kind and caring, helping Finney overcome his fear of death.

The Black Phone Quiz is an online game designed to test players’ knowledge of a story’s characters while providing a fun way to pass the time. Playable on smartphones, tablets, and computers alike – there’s even an interactive chatroom on its website where participants can interact among themselves!


The Black Phone character has become an iconic one in horror fiction, tapping into our primal fears to produce unnerving feelings of terror and suspense. First appearing in Joe Hill’s short story, its popularity has since led to various adaptations that continue to disconcert and fascinate audiences alike.

The movie adaptation of The Black Phone centers around Finney Shaw, an intelligent yet shy teenager living with his alcoholic father and who begins having premonitions about friends and family being kidnapped. Soon after that, he becomes embroiled in a terrifying game of cat and mouse with a serial killer known as ‘Grabber’ who threatens their lives with abduction attempts.

Finney attempts to escape The Grabber when he contacts Robin for assistance. Robin is an aggressive student who regularly defends himself against bullies at school and can provide some fighting tips. Later, through the phone, his ghost appears and informs Finney of an underground floor tile that could help create a tunnel and give them an escape route.

The Black Phone movie is an intense thriller that examines the dangers of childhood and the responsibility adults have in keeping kids safe. The film depicts abusive parents, negligent school officials, and incompetent police officers leaving children vulnerable to serial killers or other scary figures posing as protectors; it also shows queer-themed threats within institutions designed to safeguard kids as real threats that must be combatted in order to keep our young ones secure.


Vance, Finney’s school bully rival and local punk, appears frequently throughout the film as his adversary. Known for attacking children who misbehave near his pinball machines and are often seen with weapons in hand, Vance remains bright enough to think quickly on his feet while being dangerous enough to teach Finney how to use a phone receiver as a makeshift weapon.

Scott Derrickson’s feature film adaptation of Yancy Butler’s horror novel of the same name titled “The Black Phone” stars Mason Thames, Ethan Hawke, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies, Miguel Cazarez Mora Banks Repeta Troy Rudeseal and James Ransone, and is now available for streaming and DVD purchase.

Vance, unlike Robin and Bruce, who are both intelligent and kind individuals, is a ruffian who likes fighting and creating chaos. After fighting some children who damaged his pinball machine, he gets caught by police; Gwen still trusts him enough to confide in them her psychic dreams regarding Grabber-related connections she believes she has.

Vance is a male given name derived from Old English “venn,” meaning marsh or bog. It has long been popular with parents and was even adopted as one of many famous people’s surnames. Vance makes an appearance in The Black Phone, which features top-tier acting by Ethan Hawke and Mason Thames as characters who all seem realistic, plus its exciting conclusion – one of this year’s best horror flicks!