Which is Better Naukri Or Indeed?

Two platforms stand out for finding and recruiting candidates: Indeed and LinkedIn. Each offers unique benefits that could improve how your team connects with candidates.

Shine is another job portal offering valuable resources and paid services for job seekers, such as resume writing, profile enhancement, career advice, and resume reviews. They also provide tailored assistance for employers.


Naukri is a premier job portal that provides access to diverse employment opportunities. Their website features premium services for job seekers, such as resume writing and career advice, an expansive database of jobs in multiple sectors, and hosting their blog and mobile application.

The culture at our company is extremely welcoming and supportive, making it an ideal environment to learn new skills while working and growing as an employee. Furthermore, they offer many benefits for employees to take advantage of.

Naukri RMS is an innovative recruitment software solution that streamlines the entire hiring process from requisition to offer. Its cost includes cloud connectivity for maximum up-to-dateness and security, data backup/updating functions, and different packages depending on an organization’s needs.


Google is an excellent platform for job searching as it aggregates information from various websites into one convenient location, making job hunting simpler for candidates. Furthermore, its saved candidate details make them easily accessible in the future, enabling priority applicants to track their applications more closely.

LinkedIn is a social network designed to bring job seekers and employers together. Its database houses millions of resumes allowing job candidates to apply quickly. Furthermore, LinkedIn offers tools designed to streamline the hiring process, such as on-platform interviews and ATS integration.

At first glance, these platforms appear similar. Indeed primarily serves as a search engine, while LinkedIn serves as a networking site; keep this in mind when creating your recruitment strategy to maximize each platform to find candidates for open roles while building up a talent pipeline for your business.


Glassdoor is the go-to website for employers seeking candidates or job hunters looking for employment. You can search for jobs using various criteria and gather useful company info like salaries and interview questions; plus, you can read employee reviews.

The Better Business Bureau may not accredit Glassdoor and only has a D- rating on Trustpilot. Still, they provide guidelines on what can be shared and actively remove reviews containing proprietary or confidential data. Furthermore, Glassdoor also offers paid plans designed to boost employer brands.

Indeed offers more than resumes; their services also assist recruiters in finding candidates to fill open positions quickly and efficiently. These services include a search engine, applicant tracking system, and job alerts to simplify the recruitment process for companies while making it simpler to connect with candidates.


Find full-time jobs, part-time jobs, contract work, and remote openings no matter your search criteria with Indeed’s extensive database. It adds ten new job postings each second, has accessible navigation features and search filters, and even gives a weekly report letting you know which employers have seen your application!

Naukri offers job seekers access to valuable resources, informative blogs, and premium services like resume writing and profile booster. Furthermore, Naukri provides valuable insight into hiring trends and invaluable information about career trends.

Though both sites share similar features, their approaches to engaging candidates differ significantly. Indeed provides job search capabilities, while LinkedIn helps build professional networks; understanding these differences will allow you to know where best to concentrate your efforts.