What the Hell is Going on Meaning in Hindi

The phrase “What the hell is going on?” conveys a sense of disbelief and surprise. It is often used to describe a chaotic or confusing situation.

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The phrase “What the hell is going on?” is used to express confusion, frustration, or disbelief. It is often uttered when someone is overwhelmed by a chaotic or confusing situation. The phrase can be interpreted as being hostile or profane, depending on the tone and context of the situation.

In religion and folklore, hell is a destination in the afterlife where souls are punished with intense suffering. It is usually depicted as an eternal destination, but it can also be seen as a temporary state between incarnations in some religions. Other names for hell include purgatory, limbo, and the underworld.

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The Hindi/Urdu word kal () can mean both yesterday and tomorrow, so it is important to clarify if you are talking about one or the other. The word tum () can also be used to refer to a person, but it generally indicates a greater level of respect or closeness than aap (). Using the word tum should only be done in formal situations or when addressing an elder.


The phrase “What the hell is going on?” is an expression of confusion and frustration. It can be used to describe a chaotic or confusing situation or when someone is surprised by someone else’s behavior. The person who utters the phrase is usually in disbelief or shock by the situation or event, and they want to make sure that everyone understands their point of view.

The word “hell” is also used to refer to a place of pain and suffering. Religious and spiritual people often use it to describe a punishment after death. Religions that believe in a linear divine history usually depict hell as an eternal destination, while religions that believe in reincarnation usually depict it as an intermediary state between incarnations. The term is also used to refer to a state of great distress or pain, especially as a result of someone’s actions.

The idiom “What the hell is going on?” originated in the US, although it has become popular in many countries around the world. It is sometimes used in formal contexts to show anger or hostility, and it can also be used to imply that the person who is talking doesn’t have much knowledge of the subject at hand. However, the phrase is generally considered appropriate in most informal situations. The meaning of the idiom depends on the context and the speaker’s tone of voice or inflection.


When a person uses the phrase what the hell is going on, it usually means that they are confused or surprised by a situation. They may not understand why something is happening, or they might be upset by the behavior of someone else. For example, if a teacher leaves the classroom and returns to find it in chaos, they might say, “What the hell is going on?” to express their confusion.

The context of the phrase and what the hell is going on depends on the speaker’s tone and inflection. It can also depend on whether or not they are addressing a specific individual or group. For example, if a friend says, “What the hell is going on?” to their coworker, it can be taken as a passive-aggressive insult. However, if they say it to their family member, it is less likely to be offensive.

If you are not sure how to use this phrase in a particular context, ask a friend or coworker for help. They can explain the meaning of the phrase in more detail and give you some examples of how it is used in different contexts. They can also suggest other ways to convey your meaning without using this phrase.