What Are the Dimensions of a GTS Mini Bike Frame?

Frame Height

The frame height of a bicycle refers to the distance between its bottom bracket and the top tube (or seat tube, depending on the type), which is measured either in centimeters or inches, with one inch equaling 2.54 centimeters. Ensuring your child has the appropriate bike height can ensure both comfort and safety while riding, particularly as children may have trouble reaching handlebars, placing weight on pedals, and progressing forward on their ride.

Adults need bikes that fit them easily and comfortably, from mounting and dismounting to sitting comfortably without back or leg pains. There are various ways of finding out which size bike best suits them; one method may include measuring inseam length or visiting a store for professional advice on fittings.

Although the height of a bike is critical, other factors must also be taken into account to find your perfect bike size. An excellent way to determine this is by looking at bike sizing tables that correspond with article figures, precisely “Bike frame size.”

Sizing tables only give an approximate indication of which bike size may best fit a rider because everyone’s body proportions differ, and so they only provide an idea of which size may work best. For instance, some individuals may have long inseams but short torsos, while others do the opposite. Therefore, to determine your ideal bike size by looking at a sizing chart accurately, it should always be done in conjunction with an expert from a local bike store who will be able to advise on which frame size would best suit your rider by taking all these factors into account.

Frame Length

Frame Length | Bike Racing USA! Your frame length is defined as the distance from the center of the cranks to the top of the down tube and is one of the primary factors in determining its handling characteristics, particularly during racing. A shorter frame will offer more excellent stability and faster performance than its longer counterpart.

Gary Turner founded GT Racing Products in 1976 to produce BMX frames for Pedals Ready at Western Sports-A-Rama BMX track in Orange County, California. At first, these first frames bore his name instead of taking any brand marks such as GT Logo or “Gary Turner.”

GT was at the forefront of Freestyle from its inception, designing and manufacturing some of the first flatland-specific bikes in Asia in the early eighties. Today, this company produces a wide variety of bicycles under their GT, IronHorse, Mongoose, and DYNO RoadMaster brands, all made in Asia.