What Are the Best Security Apps for Android?

AppLock is a security app that allows you to lock individual apps. To unlock your apps, you must enter a password that you can remember. This password will help you to access your locked apps, and it should be short and easy to remember. You can use an e-mail address for security purposes to remember the password and access the locked apps.

Apex Launcher

One of the best features of the Apex Launcher is its ability to offer app lock protection. You can use a pattern, pin password, or even your fingerprint to lock your phone and prevent unauthorized access. It also allows you to hide things from your home screens, such as applications or games. This launcher also features an advanced gesture control system that makes it easy to navigate the system. You can pinch to open settings or double-tap to switch features.

Apex Launcher offers many options to secure your phone and personalize it with icons and themes. It also allows you to hide apps, folders, and images. You can even hide your gallery if you don’t want people to see it. It can also prevent you from accidentally sending or receiving messages.

The Apex Launcher is compatible with many Android devices, including tablets and phones. The interface is customizable and comes with dozens of extra features, including app locking. To install the Apex Launcher, you’ll need to grant permissions to the App Store and Device Administrator.

Perfect AppLock

Perfect AppLock is an app that protects your apps. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It also works on Windows 10/8/7 PCs. Its user ratings are excellent, with an average rating of 4.1 stars. It has a good reputation, with positive user reviews on Google Playstore.

Perfect AppLock offers many features that can protect your privacy. It supports time-based and WiFi-based locking policies. It also supports remote control via SMS text message. It also supports gesture locking, pattern locking, and text password locking. One major downside is that the app requires a service restart after every update. Furthermore, the app requires SMS permission and ‘outgoing call’ permission to function. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support smaller-screen phones, such as the HTC wildfire.

Besides securing your apps, Perfect AppLock also prevents intruders from using your device. It also prevents your screen from rotating in an unintended way or automatically adjusting brightness when you open apps.

CM AppLock

CM AppLock is one of the most popular security apps for Android devices. It lets you protect your phone with fingerprint security, create different passwords for various applications, and track break-in attempts. While CM AppLock has many benefits, it does have a few flaws. One of the main problems with the app is that there is no easy way to uninstall it. When you go to the app’s settings screen, there are only three options: lock, don’t lock, and forget the password.

CM AppLock is a free app available from the Google Play Store, and it works on almost all Android devices. It requires Android 4.0 or later. It requires approximately 7.22 MB of internal storage and about 5.5 MB of RAM, depending on the model of your device. If you’d like to try it out, you’ll find the APK File for version 1.0.0 on the Android Market.

CM AppLock’s main feature is its powerful antivirus protection. It works by scanning your phone for viruses and malware. It also takes a picture of intruders so that they can’t use your phone. The software also has a few other useful features, including anonymous browsing and changing your location. Over 20 million people have downloaded CM AppLock and have given it a positive review.


Norton is one of the leading names in digital security. Its software is trusted by many households and is available for PCs, mobiles, and more. Norton app lock is one of the products from the company that is designed to protect your mobile from unauthorized access. The software is free for Android devices. It has many advantages over other application security options.

The app is designed to lock down any application to prevent unauthorized access. This includes messaging and image galleries. It is a great way to secure your Android phone and protect your sensitive data. It also works by adding an extra layer of password protection to your phone. With Norton App Lock, you can lock your sensitive apps and install them only if you know the code.

It is free to use and has many features. It’s also ad-free and can protect your phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The app can even take a photo of anyone sneaking around your phone and stealing your information. It’s the perfect app lock for anyone who values their privacy.