Tradera Forex Review

Tradera forex is a multi-level marketing forex company, and it has a trading academy. Its website, however, has limited information about the company’s people. It does not list who owns it or how much bonus commission it offers. Its marketing videos, however, convey a message of vast experience in trading and the Forex market.

Tradera forex is a multilevel marketing forex company.

Tradera forex is a multilevel-marketing forex company that has earned a bad reputation. The company has been around since 2015, but is it a scam? The company’s mailing address is located in downtown Dallas, and the company is listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website. However, it’s important to note that Tradera is not BBB-accredited. Tradera is a multilevel marketing forex company centered on forex trading. To be a member of Tradera, you must pay a membership fee of $99 per month. You can then recruit other members and earn commissions. Once you’ve recruited people, you will receive a percentage of their membership fees, most of which will be passed on to the higher levels of the pyramid.

Tradera is a multilevel marketing forex company that offers education in forex trading. It offers online training, live trading sessions, and fundamental analyses. In addition, Tradera hosts a wide variety of events and corporate events. You can also participate in a multilevel marketing forex referral program through Tradera. This company was founded in late 2019 by two 24-year-old forex traders from Texas.

It has a trading academy.

Tradera forex has recently launched its trading academy. The academy offers education and trading tools for the forex market, stocks, indices, and cryptos. It also offers market forecasts, trade alerts, and live events. It is a network marketing firm founded by Kody Sell and Eastern Harris. The company is based in Dallas, Texas.

The training offered by Tradera Forex covers basic to advanced trading strategies. The course is presented in videos and includes homework assignments and quizzes. Tradera also provides members with management information. They also receive trade alerts from professional traders. The program is very comprehensive and offers a wealth of information.

The Tradera trading academy teaches new and experienced traders how to trade the financial markets. Its videos feature hands-on explanations of how to trade. Written education material is also available. The courses cover technical analysis, commodities, and indices. They plan to expand their educational offerings to stocks and futures trading in the future.

It doesn’t offer bonus commissions.

Tradera forex trading has been around for a few years and has remained consistent in all aspects of its business, including compensation plan packages and forex education. Although it is not your typical MLM company, this one is taking over the forex trading industry. In addition to its compensation plan, Tradera also provides many networking and marketing opportunities for its members.

Tradera forex does offer a referral compensation plan that’s very profitable and easy to follow. This plan pays very high commissions for personal referrals. You’ll need to recruit three members personally within 28 days to earn referral commissions. If you do not recruit three members in this time frame, you’ll still be ranked as a Founder but won’t receive a referral bonus.

It doesn’t disclose who owns it.

While Tradera attempts to comply with FTC regulations, the company does not reveal the identity of its owners. As a result, consumers may be unaware of the company’s financial advice. Tradera charges $99 every 28 days for its service. It offers a three-day refund policy, but there is no guarantee that the company will refund all that money.

While Tradera complies with laws better than many other forex MLMs, some of the company’s practices still raise red flags. They don’t disclose who owns them, and their website contains a PO Box address in Texas, which is suspicious and possibly a fake address.