Top 5 Vegan Food Trucks Near Me NYC

Veganism and healthy living have become mainstream, making food trucks the ideal way to access nutritious meals on the go. These mobile restaurants feature delicious dishes that are ethically sourced and cruelty-free!

Toad Style stands out as one of the premier vegan restaurants in NYC with an expansive menu featuring plant-based comfort food, making them a must-visit destination. Their wooden tables and counter create an eclectic vibe while remaining chic.

Jerrell’s BETR BRGR

Jerrell’s BETR BRGR is NYC’s newest late-night vegan burger spot, serving Impossible Meat-infused burgers, fries, and shakes in an eye-catching walk-up window – perfect for taking outside or taking away!

This restaurant features a slight wood counter and marble countertops with glass jars and checkered floors to add vintage charm. Their menu boasts delicious options like barbecue jackfruit sandwiches, veggie burgers, and more unique offerings such as smoked mushroom sandwiches and black bean chili – offering something for every diner’s palette.

The VSpot

VSPOT is the vaginal spa you didn’t know you needed! From tightening to lightening and orgasm shots, the salon provides a full spectrum of rejuvenation services for vaginal health – receiving recognition in Cosmopolitan, Goop, and Bravo magazines.

VSpot Restaurant boasts dishes from Latin America, such as Colombia’s Bandeja Paisa. Vegan diners are welcome while still experiencing traditional elements in its vegan fare, comedy nights are hosted, and its atmosphere remains cozy and welcoming.

Taim Mobile

Taim (pronounced tah-eem) is the Hebrew word for “delightfully pleasing to the palate, delicious,” their signature earthy, nutty falafel has won them many fans, including those at New York Magazine and Serious Eats.

Taim has a restaurant in the West Village and a truck that travels around FiDi, Flatiron, and Nolita. Both locations have limited seating capacity, so they are best used as grab-and-go spots – you may even run into them at various food markets and catering events! Make sure you try their delicious red falafel with roasted peppers!


Makina is the rhythm that pulses through North East council estates. Not to be mistaken with donk music or its predecessors – donk is generally associated with cheeky rhythms like donkey-binky; gabba can produce heavy distortion, while pop fizz house offers pop fizz sounds; Makina has evolved through generations and been enjoyed by thousands over time.

Boundless Theatre will partner with Monta Musica to deliver this innovative gig theatre experience that features making music. Through local stories and universal themes like identity, community, and how music unifies people -, this show is a must-see for both veterans of Makina music and first-timers alike!

Fat Choy

Fat Choy’s mushroom sloppy joes are delicious enough to fool anyone into thinking they’re vegan, yet still refreshingly creative in their approach to modern Chinese-American fare that plays on the city’s vegan zeitgeist.

Ho, See Fat Choy (Hair Vegetable or Black Moss) is an aquatic cyanobacterium commonly called “Hair Vegetable.” The long strands resemble black hair. Soaked for 20 minutes to soften it before traditionally being served at New Year. Unfortunately, indiscriminate harvesting has led to desertification in some regions while some sellers adulterate it by offering substitute starch-made alternatives such as hair Vegetables.

Modern Love

Modern Love food truck boasts a sleek and airy design with exposed wood beams and quartz countertops in its kitchen area and features an open living space equipped with a MALM gas fireplace for additional warmth and ambiance.

Austin Vegan Cafe specializes in doughnuts and creative dishes that poke fun at sexuality (try the Menage a Trois or Hulk Hogan Fudgie Wudgie!), even drawing celebrities such as pop star Billie Eilish into its fold as visitors.

This renowned vegan ice cream truck provides dairy-free, corn syrup-free frozen treats made with oat and cashew milk for those searching for something sweet! Find them at Smorgasburg or Brooklyn Flea Market, or have them cater your event nearby.


Cadence not only stands out in design and sustainability, but its capsules also help eliminate travel-sized plastic bottles. Cadence’s capsules store everything from toiletries and jewelry to vitamins and hair ties in an aesthetically pleasing package; its durability has even been tested by dropping one to two stories without breaking!

Experience life at its fullest at Cadence, where luxurious amenities such as meandering pathways and tranquil rooftop ponds await. Take advantage of a high-tech fitness center and modern lounges wired for fun, and stay connected through an expert concierge team.

Toad Style

Toad Style Vegan Restaurant offers punk-rock vegan cuisine emphasizing martial arts movie posters. Here, plant-based versions of classic dishes like the fried oyster mushroom banh mi and cremini-mushroom-lentil burger are served alongside gluten and soy-free versions.

Breakfast and lunch menus at Orwasher’s feature pastries, sandwiches, and vegan grilled cheese options like Buffalo Jackfruit with Romaine lettuce, Cashew Dill Cream Cheese, Avocado on Orwasher’s Bread or Chili Ricotta on Ciabatta with sprouted Sunflower Seeds as highlights – make sure to sample their Basket of Deep Fried Cauliflower as sides!

The Green Radish

The Green Radish is a mobile restaurant-on-wheels offering fresh, healthy meals. Their dishes incorporate vegetables such as leafy greens of radishes with peppery yet subtle flavor profiles; these leaves can be eaten raw, sauteed, or steamed for optimal results.

Radishes are packed with antioxidants and essential minerals like calcium and potassium, helping lower high blood pressure while lowering risks associated with heart disease. Their chemical compounds, such as glucosinolates and isothiocyanate, help manage blood sugar levels while serving as natural nitrate sources that boost circulation.