The Resort – Kilahuna Island

Having just finished watching the film, Kilahuna Island, I have to say that I was very impressed. It was an excellent film and I would highly recommend it to others. The main character was fantastic and I felt a connection with him. I also felt that the film did a good job of capturing the beauty of the Hawaiian islands.


Whether or not the fictitious Kilahuna Island is a real place is still up for debate. The fact is that it is a fictitious land mass, but it is in the Hawaiian Islands. It was the site of a once-in-a-lifetime event, but a few ominous characters are still toiling away. This makes the place a prime candidate for the next big thing in the Hawaiian Islands. It is also a place to avoid, a la Ariel and the Haunted Castle. The aforementioned specters are not to be trifled with.

The Resort is a short film by director Taylor Chien that pays homage to the fictitious Kilahuna island. It has all the hallmarks of a good short film, including a decent gore gaff. It could have been done much better, but the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned is more than a few too many. The movie is a bit of a tease.

Natural resources

Considering that the Hawaiian Islands are home to over 4 million acres of land and sea, they’re no doubt some of the most ecologically diverse places on earth. The island of Niihau is particularly noteworthy, given that its 121k acres of land is owned and managed by the State of Hawai’i. It also has a population of about 70. Unfortunately, with more and more people flocking to neighboring Kauai and Oahu, the island’s natural resources are in jeopardy. Fortunately, Hawaii is doing its part to preserve its natural bounty.

The Natural Resources Program is the benefactor of this feat, as it has the job of overseeing the state’s compliance with various federal and state laws and regulations about the preservation of the state’s natural resources. The program’s goals are to provide the Army with a viable training alternative while simultaneously balancing the Army’s mission with the state’s natural resources. The program also manages a handful of endangered species, many of which have been saved from the scrap heap.


Located on the Island of Hawaii, Kilahuna Island has an eerie feel to it. There are many rumors and legends surrounding this island, which has its own unique set of mysteries.

One of these mysteries is the infamous Half-Faced Girl. According to legend, this spirit haunts the island and is responsible for several disappearances. The apparition is said to lure dead victims into a hidden area. She torments the dead with her cursed spirit.

Another mystery revolves around a resort that has been closed for two years after strange events occurred there. Four friends arrive in Hawaii to investigate the hauntings. They decide to visit the hotel and discover that it is haunted.

The hotel’s infamous Half-Faced Girl is said to haunt the resort. The resort was opened two years ago and has since been closed. The resort is home to a haunted hotel, a half-faced girl, and several mysterious disappearances.

Film review

Unlike most horror films, The Resort focuses on a specific location. It’s the mysterious Hawaiian island of Kilahuna. The island is home to a local spirit, the Half-Faced Girl, and a haunted resort. It is also said to be cursed with war blood and aggressive ghosts. It is now off-limits to the public.

The film follows a group of four friends, Lex (Bianca Haase), Chris (Brock O’Hurn), Bree (Michelle Randolph), and Sam (Michael Vlamis). The group decides to take one of their friends to the resort, but the trip turns out to be anything but a vacation. The island is haunted and the locals believe that it is cursed, which makes it very difficult to go near the resort. Luckily, one of the friends, Chris, is a writer who is working on a book about hauntings. He supports Lex’s decision to miss the boat back to the mainland.

The movie also features a plethora of excellent scenery shots. Kahuna Island features bright, vibrant colors, which lend themselves well to the film’s gore gags. It also features a creepy old hotel and a skeleton crew of guards.