The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman Chapter 9

The Assassin was reincarnated into another world by an entity that allowed her to select special abilities. This force gave her instructions to find and kill their respective hero.

Raon demonstrated his steadfast resolve in fighting back, earning him recognition from the system with increased stats.

Maha informs Lugh of an ongoing war in Viekone. Lugh decides to undertake the mission with Tarte’s assistance.

Martha’s response to Raon’s defeat

Martha decided to visit Raon and apologize after losing to him, following Denier’s advice. But upon arriving at his annex building, she was shocked to see him tending to his flower garden instead of greeting her warmly – knowing full well that if she lost again, her father would punish her severely.

But she didn’t turn back. Instead, she moved forward towards the garden. However, just before touching any flowers, her stomach began to churn with fear – otherwise, she would lose control. She must remain calm, or she will lose all self-control.

As she approached the garden, a blond figure appeared from amongst the bushes: this was Raon’s sixth training ground’s top trainee from her direct line, two years older than Raon.

Even at his age, he showed a great deal of determination. He had no plans of giving Martha any advantage and would do everything possible to overcome her.

Raon began sparring with Martha, and his swordsmanship was remarkable; however, his power and purity of aura were immense. Raon felt as though his bones were being broken apart from Martha. When Martha utilized Titan’s ambiance against Raon, he felt helpless against it and was forced backward like paper by its power and purity – as soon as Martha used Titan’s aura, it sent shockwaves through him like paper was being crumpled up and crushed against a wall.

He did his best, fighting to prove that talent wasn’t everything that mattered.

Martha felt unnerved and unable to concentrate, with both hands trembling uncontrollably while she bit at her lips to try to calm herself.

The next day, she arrived early at the training grounds. All the other trainees stared at her with fascination while Runaan seemed disengaged from reality. Suddenly, however, Runaan noticed something shining with Raon’s sword glint in their eyes; everyone gasped; none knew if it was real, but all knew it would be an exciting battle! As they battled it out, system messages acknowledged their efforts with increased stats as Raon proved his superiority over all his rivals from five other training grounds! Eventually, Raon triumphed, showing everyone and himself to have confirmed that he had outwitted all his opponents from the other five training grounds combined!

Raon’s determination

Raon has found the key to his success and proved himself worthy to replace one of the world’s greatest assassins – but his ultimate goal of revenge remains unfulfilled. Feelings from his last life still burn within him; any attempts by anyone standing in his way will be dealt with accordingly.

Once you complete Chapter 8, unlocking Chapter 25 will become possible by fulfilling specific tasks:

Raon once more proves his unparalleled swordsmanship abilities in this chapter. His primary focus is hitting multiple opponents at once with strength and speed while taking advantage of his surroundings by attacking from different angles; additionally, he uses level three blade combos against Amalthus and Pyra to simultaneously attack all three elemental orbs to increase his odds of victory.

Raon’s instructor stressed the importance of watching and learning from combat. He encouraged his trainees to carefully observe each match of their peers, closely observe how they were fighting, and adjust their techniques accordingly. When Burren Zeighart felt under the weather and couldn’t resist, the instructor challenged him to still participate despite feeling helpless; ultimately, he conceded, though this decision dissatisfied Raon’s instructor.

Lugh is happy with his choice to become an assassin, and Cian fully supports his decision. As soon as Lugh completes training, he receives his first target: Count Azba Venkaur has been selling military secrets in exchange for Visein drug, yet has been responsible for numerous monster attacks against human settlements in the Alvan Kingdom.

Warth’s lingering threat

Raon looked down upon Wrath with wide-eyed, sword-wielding intensity as he stood on an icy platform. Though his calm exterior appeared unruffled, his heart was beating fast, and his body aching from discomfort – forcing himself to remain breathing was all that kept Raon alive.

He finally felt some relief as the pressure off his mana circuit began to ease, and his reverence for Essence King began ebbing away, yet there wasn’t time to enjoy his success as Wrath threatened his body and soul if they didn’t obtain information soon enough.

Grinning at Raon, the system informed him he had displayed extreme willpower in facing Wrath> and that his agility and stamina had increased by one.

Raon had never received a status window from the system before and was taken aback when his stats increased unexpectedly. While he knew this was evidence of his victory against Wrath, Raon wasn’t expecting such quick recognition by it.

Raon knew he was progressing despite not winning his battle; he was moving closer to obtaining the Frozen Flower Brace and being added to Wrath’s “Ring of Fire,” both critical elements for breaking free from his bond with her. Raon was determined to succeed.

Raon was alerted by a noise outside, awakening him with its sound. To his relief, Wrath had not come for him yet, but he knew it would soon arrive – although chapter 23 has already been released online for reading pleasure.

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Martha’s overconfidence

Readers eager to see Martha respond to Raon’s defeat anxiously await this chapter’s installment of The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman. In previous chapters, emphasis was put on learning from combat through observation and learning from peer matches; trainees are advised to monitor these closely to adjust their techniques appropriately and showcase their swordsmanship skills boldly and without reservation.

Martha teased Raon about his lack of swordsmanship skills and claimed she was superior due to her aura, prompting Raon to challenge Martha to a duel where he would demonstrate his swordsmanship skills and show her talent isn’t the sole factor in mastering this art form. In response, Raon offered Martha a duel challenge where he would demonstrate his prowess and show that talent alone wasn’t sufficient to master swordsmanship.

Raon’s victory against Martha allowed her to improve her abilities further. She began by honing the finer points of her swordsmanship technique, increasing speed and accuracy; additionally, she worked on improving her footwork, allowing for faster and easier movement around opponents.

Martha had developed impressive skills but still displayed some flaws in her technique. One was her tendency to overestimate her strength – when fighting Raon, she believed she could defeat him with aura alone but overcommitted herself to her attack, causing her balance to shift and ultimately her to collapse, giving Raon an opening for a devastating strike against Martha in her face.

Martha suffered physical and emotional injuries due to her overconfidence, leading her to trust her aura when fighting instead of working hard to improve in future battles. Later, she apologized to her instructor for her actions and pledged her commitment to becoming more robust.

The Reincarnated Assassin: Chapter 22 will premiere on October 12th on both Kakao Page and Webtoon, allowing fans to catch up.

The Reincarnated Assassin is a manhwa that follows Lugh Tuatha De, an assassin killed by his organization but resurrected by a goddess to fulfill a prophecy. Esri, his mother, initially opposed raising her son as an assassin but eventually changed her mind after being saved from wolves by him.