The Pride Dog Food Review

Pride dog food uses nutritious ingredients to provide energy-packed meals to dogs of all breeds and sizes and offers grain-free and limited-ingredient recipes to accommodate dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

Pride 26/18 adult performance formula contains higher-than-average protein and fat levels and an extra source of protein via brewer yeast; however, this ingredient should not be used by lactose-intolerant dogs.


Pride Dog Food offers a selection of recipes designed to meet your pet’s individual needs. Each dish supports strong bones, healthy joints, and an active lifestyle while remaining free from artificial preservatives, flavors, and gluten for ultimate allergy-friendly consumption.

Hyland Co., of Ashland, Kentucky, offers this brand in the US. Their products help your pup remain active and healthy with high protein levels to promote muscle growth and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Their recipes have been specifically tailored for all sizes of dogs!

Pride dog products use only high-quality proteins, including cage-free poultry, grass-fed meats, and wild-caught fish. Furthermore, novel proteins such as venison and bison provide essential amino acids. Unfortunately, Pride’s dog food line contains menadione, a controversial form of vitamin K, which may lead to liver toxicity and abnormal breakdown of red blood cells.

Pride dog food offers above-average protein and fat levels but below-average carbs. Kibbles from this company are small and crunchy, which helps clean teeth while freshening breath. Furthermore, its antioxidants support immune health, while its probiotics aid digestion.


Pride dog food contains low-cost ingredients that typically feature above-average protein levels and below-average fat percentages, with plenty of carbohydrates that could upset sensitive stomachs. Furthermore, The Pride offers various age-specific and flavor-specific kibbles; its adult performance formula offers higher protein contents to meet active dogs’ nutritional needs.

Some ingredients used in The Pride dog foods are contentious, such as dried cheese, which may cause digestive issues in lactose-intolerant pups, as well as menadione a form of vitamin K linked with liver damage, hypersensitivity reactions, and the aberrant disintegration of red blood cells. Furthermore, its food is fortified with 21 essential minerals and vitamins – each ingredient used has been researched extensively before inclusion.

This pet food is ideal for dogs requiring extra protein, such as those recovering from surgery or debilitating conditions. Its high-protein formulation makes it appropriate for pregnant dogs and puppies; plus, its balanced blend of omega 3 and 6 provides extra skin, coat, and immune health benefits.

Pride dog food is manufactured in the US and provides your pup with a variety of protein sources, complex carbs from brown rice, quinoa and sweet potatoes and inulin (a source of soluble dietary fiber that promotes digestive health) and chelated minerals that their bodies can easily absorb.


Pride Pet Foods is an established pet food manufacturer for dogs and cats, boasting 30 years in business. Their motto: “Give customers their money’s worth, and they will remain customers forever.” Nutrition meets affordability seamlessly within this brand.

Pride brand products provide solutions that satisfy various dietary needs of dogs. These include grain-free and limited-ingredient recipes that accommodate those with allergies or sensitivities and high-quality proteins and nutrient-dense carbohydrates without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.

However, some dog owners have reported digestive and allergic reactions when feeding their Pride brand dog food. This is likely due to its artificial ingredients causing stomach issues in some dogs; lactose-intolerant pups could experience difficulty digesting this food brand.

Pride brand dog food remains an affordable choice with high-quality nutrients at competitive prices, and its protein-to-fat ratio can easily be selected according to your dog’s nutritional requirements. In addition, Pride dog food offers a balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for maintaining healthy skin and coat. Plus, 21 minerals and vitamins are included!


Pride Dog Food is an ideal option for dogs requiring high-energy diets. Their recipes feature protein from cage-free poultry, grass-fed meats, wild fish, and probiotics and prebiotics for healthy digestion – without artificial preservatives, flavors, or corn/wheat/soy allergens!

Before purchasing Pride products for your pet, however, it’s essential that you first ensure they’re lactose intolerant – many contain dried cheese that could cause digestive issues in such dogs. Also, ensure they receive enough protein, vitamins, and minerals for overall wellness.

Sunshine Mills recently issued a recall due to potential Salmonella contamination of certain Pride foods, including Sportsman’s Pride dog food. Although no human illnesses have been reported as of yet, it’s wise to monitor your dog’s stool for signs of Salmonella infection.

Pride dog food is affordable, making it an excellent option for canines requiring high-calorie nutrition without breaking the bank. All its ingredients are superior quality and aim to avoid artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors; additionally, it provides many grain-free recipes designed to cater to pets with allergies or sensitivities.