The Growing Trend of Rattan Furniture in Interior Design

Rattan furniture is now being spotted in homes worldwide, not just in summer porches and verandas as it once was. So this breezy material is perfect for any decor, whether you want to add some natural style to your living room or spruce up your kitchen with a rattan bar stool. Obtain the Best information about Rattan Furniture in Interior Design.

The Growing Trend of Rattan Furniture in Interior Design

Texture and curiosity are at the forefront of design for 2022, and rattan is one of the most versatile materials you can use to bring that look into your home. This tropical material can be woven into various shapes, bringing texture and depth to any space without looking too traditional.

The rattan furniture trend also aligns with popular buzzwords like Scandi, minimalism, Bohemian, Japandi, and biophilic, which promote a feeling of connection to nature in interior design. Plus, with the emergence of innovative furniture companies that are reinventing wicker and rattan in new ways, this trend is more accessible than ever before.

1. Refresh Your Living Room with Rattan Coffee Tables

The wicker and rattan furniture trend has a classic look that seamlessly fits into traditional or modern decor. This lightweight, versatile material can be paired with simple solid wood or glass tops to create the ideal coffee table for any room. You can also pair these tables with rattan accent chairs, ottomans, or footstools for added personality and flair in your room.

2. Rattan Chairs are Perfect for Smaller Rooms

If you’re decorating a small bedroom or apartment, an occasional rattan chair can be the perfect solution for your seating needs. Rattan is lightweight, so it won’t take up a lot of floor space but can still provide plenty of seating for your guests. Invest in a piece that will match the rest of your furniture and accessorize with fluffy cushions for extra comfort.

3. Rattan Baskets is a Great Way to Storage

A rattan basket is an easy way to add storage to any space. This woven accent is often used for holding plants or other decorative items, but it can also be a place to keep all your belongings close by when they’re not in use.

4. Rattan Caning is a Perfect Addition to Any Interior

A caned detail on rattan furniture is a great way to add a natural touch of texture to any room. Using a multidirectional open-weave pattern, caned furniture can add an airy and timeless feel to your interior. Caned details can be found on many different types of furniture, including headboards, accent chairs, and storage pieces.

5. Rattan Pendant Lighting is a Simple Way to Brighten Your Space

Switch out your basic light fixtures with rattan versions for an eye-catching focal point. You can find a variety of pendant styles and patterns to suit any space, including sculptural shapes and woven designs.

6. Rattan Bar Stools are a Must Have For Your Kitchen

This lightweight stool is the perfect addition to your kitchen, as it’s ideal for long eating and drinking sessions and can be easily moved around the room. Unlike wood stools, rattan stools are more comfortable and can be adjusted to the height of your counter for convenient seating.

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