Swordsmanship Heroes – Matt Perreira and Dodriel Barton

Raon extended his hand toward the stone sword. As soon as his physical movements became more committed and focused, Raon noticed changes within himself that resulted in more concentrated physical actions from himself.

He had recently learned Frostwind swordsmanship, which focused on exploiting an opponent’s openings. By combining it with his Fangs of Insanity technique, he could develop an efficient yet innovative swordsmanship style.

Rene Perreira

Matt Perreira was born in Wailuku and raised in Pukalani before graduating from King Kekaulike High School in 2010. As the owner of Matt’s Automotive (bodywork and paintwork), as well as being part of Cammy’s Racing Team he had an innate gift for helping others. He leaves behind his wife, Chloe Perreira, son Isaiah John Perreira, siblings Marcy Mandy Mitchell, and his grandmother, Cambra Perreira, who will continue his legacy.

Pastor Rene Pereira was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Before becoming pastor, he worked as an epidemiology technician for the US government. Through God’s immense grace and missionary work, this man eventually found himself becoming pastor at seven different churches throughout America and serving as director ejecutivo of Convencion Bautistas del Sur in Puerto Rico, additionally serving as President for Iglesia Bautista Glenview Illinois.


Dodriel Barton of the Barton Household infamously bullied Allen Rodore at Gran Swordsmanship Academy until being defeated in a duel, at which point Dodriel began training seriously with the Black Organization. Dodriel sports long blue locks that trail behind his well-featured face while using Shadow Ruler Soul Dress, which allows him to hide within shadows, making him impervious to attacks. Using his World Judgment, Allen demonstrated this power even more effectively.

Minhyeok Kang of the Suhomun family shocks his peers by choosing magic over swordsmanship as his passion. Inspired by  – an advanced student from a parallel academy 2000 years earlier in an alternate universe – he sets out to become an effective wizard to protect his world from destruction.