Sonicare 4100 versus 5100 compared to 6100, What’s the Difference Most notable?

The protective clean 4100 vs 5100 vs 6100 is for the most part with the finish goal of plaque manage thus it brings about cleanser teeth through immovably pushed quality fibers which clear away to multiple times a greater number of bacteria than an ordinary toothbrush. As the Protective Clean 5100 can make your gums more beneficial by expelling plaque around the gum line to improve your own gum wellbeing up to the total in excess of a manual toothbrush and the defensive clean 6100 makes your teeth more white-colored. It does that with its immovably stuffed stain evacuation central fibers and by squeezing Watts DiamondClean brush head to discharge surface stains. It’s confirmed clinically that brighten smile can involvement with 7 days. These three all possess various purposes thus they have got various particulars to accomplish the last product.

Defensive Clean 4100 has just a single mode that is cleaning mode while Protecting Clean 5100 and 6100 both have 3 modes that are spotless, white and chewing gum care modes.

Another comparison between these three toothbrushes is that Sonicare 4100 perhaps has a charger which is useful when you are voyaging yet 5100 and 6100 both have the charger when going for substantial stretches of time and a handy travel case which enables you to store your toothbrush well. This movement case is actually absent with Sonicare 4100.