Scott Stoczynski – Football Player Who Passed Away in a Car Accident

Scott Stoczynski was a two-year player for the North Dakota State University football team before being reported dead in a car accident recently – this tragedy has deeply shocked his friends, family, and fellow players.

He was driving his truck westbound on an access road when it veered off course and collided with a pillar, leading to his fatality at the scene of the accident.

What Caused the Crash?

Scott Stoczynski was an American football player who tragically passed away after an automobile accident at 33. His family and friends mourn his passing while authorities continue their investigation as to what led up to it; apparently, it occurred on Loop 1604, where he lost control and crashed into a pillar, ultimately being transported to hospital but eventually succumbing to injuries suffered during this accident.

Scott was an outstanding student and athlete at North Dakota State University (NDSU), playing on its Bison football team from 2009 to 2011 and serving as Vice President at First Trust Portfolios of San Antonio during that same period. Scott will be sorely missed by everyone he knows in San Antonio and throughout Texas.

At approximately 6:50 a.m. on July 16, a Ford F-150 driven by Scott veered off of its path and struck a pillar, landing on its roof and killing both parties involved in the accident. No other vehicles were involved either.

Police are currently investigating what led up to this collision, yet have no clear idea as to its source. Investigators are focusing on whether or not the driver was speeding or distracted and also looking at weather conditions on that day, as this may have played a factor in contributing to it.

Another theory suggests that the driver was fatigued or drunk. If that is true, authorities should perform further investigations into their driver, which could lead to their conviction.

No matter the cause of an accident, no one must be killed due to someone else’s error. Victim’s families deserve answers about what occurred – unfortunately, they must wait so long. We hope that police can quickly come up with an explanation for what caused it and provide support so families of deceased individuals can move forward from this tragic incident.

What We Know About the Accident

Scott Stoczynski was a beloved North Dakota State University football player who tragically passed away after an unexpected car accident. His loss has stunned and grieved those close to him: his family, fiancee Morgan, friends, teammates, and fans all mourn his passing – they recall him for his hard work ethic, determination, and pride, as well as his kind heart and generous spirit – leaving a hole in their lives forever. Scott leaves behind parents, sisters, and his fiancee, Morgan he leaves behind a legacy.

As news of his passing quickly spread around the globe, people around him were deeply saddened and shocked. His loved ones issued an online obituary and have asked that donations to PAWS Chicago and Magnolia Tree Foundation be made instead of traditional funeral tributes.

Scott Kaczynski died tragically after his Ford F-150 crashed on Loop 1604 while traveling west, striking an embankment and flipping. This accident then resulted in its landing on its roof, leading to its full impact and, ultimately, its demise. Although details on his death remain limited, we do know he died after being involved in a single-vehicle car accident that resulted in its single cause: his Ford F-150 colliding into an embankment before flipping onto its roof before coming to rest on its top after striking a wall during its westward travels, which resulted in its destruction and subsequent flip.

He was declared dead at the scene, without anyone being injured during this crash. Police are currently conducting their investigation to ascertain what caused this collision.

Alcohol may or may not have played a part in this accident; it has proven fatal on numerous occasions in the past. We hope that this accident serves as a lesson to drink responsibly and always use a designated driver when drinking alcoholic beverages.

Scott Stoczynski graduated from Hoffman Estates High School before continuing to North Dakota State University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration. From 2009-2011, he played linebacker on their football team; during that time, he sacked Sam Houston’s quarterback to secure their FCS national championship win and seal victory for them as an FCS national champion team.

He was well-loved on campus and in the community and will be missed dearly by those who knew him best. A memorial service will be planned later this month; his family and fiancee, Morgan, ask for our prayers during this difficult time.

What We Can Do About the Accident

Scott Stoczynski, a former football player who died unexpectedly in San Antonio, Texas, due to an accident, was an irreparable blow for his family, friends, and fans alike. Known for his dedication and work ethic on both sides of the ball – on and off it – both in football as a fan favorite with the North Dakota State University Bison football team, working at First Trust Portfolios as vice president, being one of their fan favorites as Vice President he will surely be missed by everyone who knew him.

Following Stoczynski’s passing, many took to social media in tribute and to remember his short life. His NDSU teammates posted a tribute on their page lamenting their former player’s loss, while others recounted stories about his perseverance on and off the field. Such outpouring of grief revealed how many lives Stoczynski had touched through his short time on Earth.

Stoczynski was driving his Ford F-150 when it veered off of an access road and struck an embankment and pillar, according to preliminary investigations. No other vehicles or people were involved, nor is alcohol believed to be a factor; toxicology reports are currently pending.

Stoczynski’s loved ones remain devastated over his untimely passing; while investigations into the crash continue, they search for answers and closure. Their grief extends far beyond his parents and siblings – Angela Zebro and Rebecca Stoczynski among them; as well as Morgan Bock, whom he was engaged to marry.

Scott Stoczynski’s death comes as an immense heartache to his family, friends, and teammates alike. It is a poignant reminder to remain alert behind the wheel, as even one slight miscalculation could have devastating repercussions.

How Can We Help?

Scott Stoczynski’s untimely death has devastated those closest to him: family, friends, teammates, and former classmates alike. His kindness, generosity, and incredible spirit will live on in their memories; his parents, Edward and Mary Stoczynski; sisters Angela Zebro and Rebecca Stoczynski, and his fiancee Morgan Bock, will miss him greatly.

The tragic news of his death sent shockwaves through society and sent ripples around the globe. The outpouring of sadness following this news demonstrated how vital his presence had been in people’s lives; his passing served as a stark reminder of how fragile life can be and the importance of cherishing every second we spend here on Earth.

While details surrounding his death remain uncertain, we know he was involved in a car accident. According to Texas Department of Public Safety reports, his Ford F-150 left its path and struck a pillar; its cause remains under investigation, and no other vehicles were involved.

NDSU fans used social media to express their grief and offer condolences, with one tweet from a friend of Stoczynski going viral expressing these thoughts: “RIP 2011 NDSU Football Player Scott Stocczynski… Our thoughts & prayers go out to his family…”

Straczynski played linebacker for the Bison from 2009-2011 and played an instrumental role in their historic FCS national championship victory in 2022 against Sam Houston State, including 20 tackles, 4.5 yards lost, 2.5 quarterback sacks, and one final 10-yard sack that sealed their victory.

At NDSU, he was an outstanding student and athlete. A fan favorite amongst fans, he was revered in the community.

NDSU is still deeply saddened by the passing of one of their own. Although his time on the team was short-lived, he made a profound, impactful impression among peers and coaches alike; his memory will forever remain treasured within our NDSU family.