Route Stock Cabernet Sauvignon

RouteStock crafts wines using classic grape varieties grown throughout the world’s most celebrated wine regions, like Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from family-owned vineyards.

This wine offers an exquisite balance between its fruitiness and oak notes for an exceptional value in Napa Valley Cabernet.

Varietal Characteristics

Route Stock is comprised of signature varietals grown along renowned vineyards around the world. Each wine represents both their beauty and the families who tend them.

Route Stock’s Cabernet Sauvignon is at the core of this wine, and this offering boasts classic Napa Valley aromas of cedar, cola, and dark black fruit. On the palate, it offers up flavors of cocoa, coffee, fruit, and herbs; its finishing bright brightness is enhanced by natural grape and oak tannins that provide length with an irresistibly lingering aftertaste.

Grapes were procured from a select group of dedicated growers located within ideal viticultural zones for each varietal, which allowed the winemaker to work closely with each grower during cultivation season, ensuring the harvest of only top-quality fruit. From there, our skilled winemaker created an exquisite wine using indigenous yeast fermentation, natural malolactic fermentation, and 100% barrel aging, which allows us to capture both its true Napa Valley character and highlight nuances unique to each vintage year.

Napa Valley boasts incredible geographic and soil diversity, giving each sub-AVA the freedom to express individual characteristics through winemaking. Cabernet Sauvignon undoubtedly stands out as a dominant force, covering more than half the vineyard area and commanding high prices per ton and critical praise; yet each sub-AVA brings their interpretation to this classic grape, such as Rutherford’s dust or Stags Leap District’s tart cherry flavors.

Its result is an exquisite wine with balance and complexity at an exceptional value point. Composed mainly of Cabernet Sauvignon (92%) with touches of Merlot, Malbec, and Petit Verdot added for aromatic enhancement and depth and color enhancement, respectively, this approachable and drinkable Cabernet is ideal for any special event – it will even outshine many Cabernets twice its price! Enjoy! – Vance Rose Winemaker


RouteStock is an innovative project that brings together high-end grape growers and vineyards with the aim of crafting wines of depth, elegance, and balance. They source their grapes exclusively from vineyards located along famous wine routes – an advantage that allows them to highlight each appellation’s specific qualities.

This magenta-colored cabernet boasts classic Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon aromas of cedar, cocoa, and bay laurel. On the palate, this wine boasts lush and layered layers of black fruit flavors and seamlessly integrated toasted oak, with subtle notes of crimini mushrooms and chocolate rounding out its complexity and elegance. Perfect pairing for all foods.

This Napa Valley Cabernet blend also contains Merlot to add color and complexity, Malbec for floral notes, and Petit Verdot for structure enhancement. These components combine into an exceptional wine that stands on its own at such an incredible price point.

This medium-dark-hued wine features complex aromas of black plum, soy sauce, and bright fruit, with harmonious balances between fruit, oak, acidity, and tannin. Perfectly suitable to accompany our Midnight Board or Charcuterie Board for an enjoyable tasting experience!


This wine exudes classic Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon aromas, boasting an aromatic bouquet of cedar, cocoa, and coffee that’s balanced by bay laurel notes and deep plum. On the palate, this wine offers intense ripe black fruit flavors balanced by both French oak sweetness and natural grape tannins – providing an exquisite balance.

This big Napa Cab displays all of the depth and power that make this variety so popular in its home region, yet it also shows restraint with bright acidity and just enough tannin to balance everything out for everyday drinking. The mouthfeel is silky smooth, and its finish lingers long into the future.

RouteStock Cellars’ wines are inspired by the breathtaking vineyards and families who tend them along historic wine routes in some of the world’s premier wine regions. Only classic grape varieties suited for each viticultural area and owned by family-owned vineyards are used in producing these exquisite wines.

During their cultivation season, their philosophy is to collaborate closely with growers to ensure they have sufficient fruit for quality winemaking. Their wines utilize natural yeast fermentation without any blends or chemical additives and are always aged in barrels.

At Terravina Wines, they strive to source only top-tier vineyard sites for each of their wines, working closely with a small group of dedicated grape growers who produce the highest-quality fruit. In their winery, they practice minimal intervention using neutral oak barrels; all pieces from each wine are then carefully blended before creating one of their flagship cuvees – never using tank aging, chipping, augmenting, coloring, or other manipulation techniques in any of their finished products.