Rio Rancho Distracted Driving: Working with a Car Accident Lawyer to Pursue Compensation

Distracted driving is a widespread issue in Rio Rancho. Unfortunately, this type of driving behaviour can lead to accidents and serious injuries. As the number of distracted drivers on the roads continues to rise, there is an increasing chance that you could sustain an injury in a distracted driving accident. When this occurs, you need a Rio Rancho auto accident lawyer to help you pursue compensation. 

Three Kinds of Distracted Driving

The following forms of distracted driving increase the risk of road accidents:

  • Manual distraction. This type of distracted driving happens when the hand of the driver is not on the wheel, such as when they are eating or doing something else while driving—eating while driving can be pretty distracting. When a driver spills food, they can experience cognitive distraction. Another form of manual distraction includes using a cellphone while driving.
  • Visual distraction. This form of distraction happens when the eyes of the driver are not on the road. This can occur when the driver checks their phone messages and looks at their passengers on the back and on the dashboard. Additionally, personal grooming is a type of visual distraction. 
  • Cognitive distraction. This occurs when the driver’s brain is focused on a couple of tasks simultaneously, like talking on the phone while driving. If a driver concentrates more on the second task, their ability to drive becomes impaired.

Who is Prone to Distracted Driving?

Although drivers of all ages can practice distracted driving, younger drivers are more susceptible to this driving behaviour. These drivers do not have enough experience maintaining car manoeuvres when an emergency arises. When combined with distracted driving, such inexperience usually increases the risk of accidents. Because of this risk, many people drive their cars while being distracted. 

Distracted driving can lead to accidents of varying severity. If you have suffered injuries in this type of accident, you must fight for your rights to compensation. Injuries are not cheap to treat, and you may need to spend time off work. Because of this, you should hold the negligent party liable for your injuries and other losses. In your fight for compensation, you need an attorney to help you build a strong claim and maximize your compensation. If your health is on the line, you want to pursue any remedies available for yourself and your family. The compensation you will get should be enough to cover your medical bills, lost income, and other damages. 

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