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Powerfit Elite Reviews – In truth, I’m a bit of a techno-nerd. I love the way that technology has transformed our lives. Just think regarding it – can you even picture life without your cell phone? When was the last moment you actually “remembered” someone’s contact number? And don’t even think about getting productive without a computer. The simple truth is, for better or more serious, we have become highly influenced by technology.

Powerfit Elite Reviews – Enough of the preamble, you say? I thought this post was going to show me how to get healthy fast using my cellphone? How can a phone bring you to fit? Well, here’s the right formula – applications. That’s right. Numerous seriously cool applications used on your smartphone can indeed show you how to get fit rapidly.

One of my absolute favorites is called JEFIT. If you intend to get fit and have an android phone, then JEFIT is often a must-have. Here are just a few of it has features:

Workout Planner

· User-friendly routine manager.

· Create your workout routines simply using built-in exercises as well as customize your own

· Changeable sets for each exercise

· Create Super-Sets

· Develop multiple routines – Bulking fiber, Cutting, etc.

Smart Hauling System

· Automatically feedback weights and reps

· Automatically record your just one Rep Maximum (1RM)

· Automatically save your best pick up for each exercise

· Perspective log details efficiently employing Calendar Mode

Progress Pursuing

· Track lifting in addition to body stats via Artwork Chart

· Body fat, levels, weight, and body description

· Automatically calculate your entire body Mass Index (BMI)

Powerfit Elite Reviews – These are just a few of the features of this potent application. One of my favorite attributes is the integrated logs. When I bring up my fitness regimen and access a particular workout, it shows me the reps I accomplished during the last activities. For those who want to crank your lifts and representatives each time, these are invaluable details to have at your fingertips.

Additionally, once you complete a given exercise, it provides you the option to save that to the log AND start any predetermined timer for sleeping and preparing for the next workout.

In closing, I find JEFIT to be an excellent exercise software.


· Tons of capabilities

· Progress Logs

· Stats

· Database regarding Exercises and Customizable Workout routines

· Animation showing proper exercise form

· Capacity to setup multiple routines and switch between them


· Not quite as intuitive as it could be

Powerfit Elite Reviews – If you want to learn how to lose weight fast… by all means, use your telephone.

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