Oscar Health Plan Reviews

Oscar Health Plan Reviews will help you choose the right health plan for your needs and budget. We’ll talk about HMO plans, costs, and the network of doctors. We’ll also look at customer service. To get started, visit the Oscar website and answer some questions about yourself and your medical needs over the next year. Once you’ve answered a few questions, you can view all of the health insurance plans offered by Oscar. The website will also show you how much each plan costs and covers.

Concierge team

The Oscar health plan comes with a concierge team that can significantly help. These individuals are trained to understand the health plan and its details so that members can save money while receiving care. They can also help with things like booking appointments and prescriptions. Lastly, they will be able to suggest top-rated doctors in the area.

The Oscar concierge team comprises a nurse and a care guide who know everything about the plan. They are trained to answer any questions members might have, including where they can get care in their area. The concierge service also rewards members for using their health apps to track their steps. Customers can earn up to $240 per year just for getting exercise.

HMO plans

Oscar Health Plan is an innovative health insurance company. It has offices in Dallas and California. Their website features online enrollment, billing, and doctor appointments. They also have a phone app for employees. Joshua Kushner founded the company; a famous Kushner brother married the daughter of Donald Trump. They are an ACA-compliant health insurance company. According to the company, 97% of its members are satisfied with their coverage.

While Oscar Health Plan is not the cheapest, its benefits are still attractive. The company provides free visits to a doctor, generic drugs, and routine preventative care. Furthermore, members can get a cheaper deductible if they pay more. However, the company does not have a large customer base, and its ratings on the Better Business Bureau have been mixed.


The costs of the Oscar Health plan can vary depending on your chosen plan. For example, the basic Oscar health plan may have a $10 copay per visit, while the Oscar Classic Gold plan will require a $25 copayment per visit after the $600 deductible is met. In addition, both plans may require preauthorization for certain services.

If you’re unsure how much your health plan will cost, you can access a cost estimator tool by signing up for an Oscar account. The tool works from your computer or smartphone and will give you a price estimate of the cost of various services. The cost estimator tool is available in English and Spanish. Oscar Health is a California-based health insurer that serves approximately 594,000 people as of September 2021. Their plans include individual and family health plans and Medicare Advantage coverage.

Network of doctors

If you are looking for a health insurance plan with a good network of doctors, you should look no further than Oscar Health Plan. This plan offers many benefits to members, including free doctor visits, generic drugs, preventative care, and routine care. In addition, the network of doctors includes many of the same doctors that Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross cover.

In its first year, Oscar signed up 16,000 members. By 2015, it had grown to more than 40,00 members in New Jersey, and in 2016 it also expanded to Tempe, Arizona. In addition, the company partners with Mount Sinai Health System to offer a primary care practice and behavioral health specialists. It also hosts free yoga and expectant mother classes at the Oscar Center.


If you are looking for a health insurance app that is both intuitive and comprehensive, the Oscar Health Plan App is a great choice. This app connects you with a team of healthcare professionals, including nurses and doctors, who are available 24/7 to answer your questions and make appointments. The app even includes a search tool that will help you find the right doctor for your needs.

Customers can get quotes by phone or online by answering a few questions about themselves and their medical needs. This way, they can choose the most cost-efficient health insurance plans. They can alsOscar’see the different health insurance Oscar and the costs for each. You can also see what benefits each plan offers and which one will fit your budget best.