New Balance Lifestyle Shoes

New Balance has long been known for producing innovative yet casual sneakers. Their FuelCell Rebel v2 running shoe combines race day performance with daily comfort for a practical run experience.

New Balance has long been considered an icon in sneaker culture, coveted by style bloggers and off-duty models. We’ve put together this list of our favorite New Balance lifestyle shoes so that you can easily find your ideal pair.


New Balance lifestyle shoes provide comfort on daily walks or running errands. Lightweight yet comfortable, there are various styles to suit narrow or wide feet; cushioning in the heel or midsole absorbs impact, while others feature more minimal styles for light wearability.

One of our top choices is the 574 Core sneaker from New Balance, boasting classic looks with cushy soles that provide ample support during long walks or runs. Customers have left hundreds of positive reviews on its website praising these shoes’ ability to withstand multi-mile strolls, intense workouts, or simply walking up stairs without issue – not to mention all their color options that perfectly match streetwear wardrobes!

New Balance has designed a collection of sneakers tailored specifically for advanced runners that help you push harder than ever before. One such sneaker is the Rebel, designed with lightweight construction and engineered for support using features such as its medial post system to prevent arch collapse during high-impact strides. Furthermore, its roomy toe box and various width options make this model suitable for people with wider feet.

Fresh Foam Roav shoes provide another high-tech solution, featuring an innovative lightweight foam midsole that’s both bouncy and responsive to foot pressure, providing plenty of stability for more confident striding, plus an additional padded collar and tongue for ultimate comfort after miles on the road. Like its Rebel counterpart, these stylish options come in various colors to coordinate with streetwear outfits.

NB Heat’s cold-weather running footwear features styles such as a hood and woven chest pocket, helping keep runners warm and dry during runs. Furthermore, their men’s NB Heat 2.0 Zip features an innovative dual zipper on its collar to allow for ventilation when necessary.

New Balance sneakers have been a fashion favorite since Steve Jobs made them his go-to shoe for Apple Keynote presentations in the 2000s. Since then, they’ve become iconic footwear that many celebrities and fashion influencers favor for jeans wearers alike.


New Balance has perfected the sneaker style. Their chunky dad sneakers have become beloved favorites among everyone from suburban dads to downtown scenesters. They have become essential items in style bloggers’ and off-duty models’ closets. Furthermore, these shoes provide ample cushioning support that protects feet against injury while walking.

Additionally to their classic silhouettes, many of the brand’s running shoes have undergone an exciting makeover. Take, for instance, their 530 models; this update replaces its gray suede material with white mesh for a relaxed yet ready-to-mow-the-lawn vibe. Likewise, their Fresh Foam X 1080 sneakers provide superior cushioning with snug fitting that supports natural foot shape – perfect for running and high-impact strides!

One key reason behind New Balance’s recent comeback lies in their dedication to quality construction and materials, evident in their durable trainers like the 990v4 and v5 trainers beloved by Esquire editors; with comfy soles and subtle designs they make ideal everyday shoes; 993s were recently brought back with an improved update and more reasonable pricing option as an editor-approved pick as well.

These kicks create a casual, laid-back aesthetic and go great with matching jeans or loungewear sets. Additionally, they pair nicely with street style-inspired work looks when worn with slouchy blazers and tees; plus, you can wear them for any occasion, from walking the dog around the park to running errands all day!

When purchasing these shoes, buy the appropriate size to ensure a comfortable fit. It may be wise to opt for a size larger than usual, as this will allow more room in the toe area for your feet. Furthermore, thick socks may necessitate buying up one size.


New Balance shoes offer style and athletic performance improvements for everyday living, making them the perfect option whether your goal is improving athletic performance or adding some comfort and style. As one of America’s leading footwear companies, which began as an arch support business in the early 1900s and now sells top-selling sports products worldwide. New Balance continues its dedication to finding athletes of all types their ideal shoe fit because they believe a better fit leads to tremendous success.

Since 1988, the New Balance 574 sneaker has been a favorite, with models designed for long runs or casual strolls. With classic designs that make this sneaker suitable for long-distance running or strolling alike, its timeless classic design matches well with all types of clothing, making it the ideal everyday sneaker – beloved by celebrities, athletes, and ordinary people alike – including Emily Ratajkowski, who often wears them alongside leggings, ripped jeans, and bicycle shorts! They make an ideal sneaker choice when running errands or hanging out with friends!

New Balance offers a selection of styles tailored explicitly for running, featuring cushioning that keeps feet comfortable mile after mile. Their Fresh Foam models provide extra cushioned support, while lightweight options help you reach your personal best times more efficiently. You’ll even find shoes explicitly built for specific activities like golf; New Balance even makes shoes for walking 18 holes!

Though some athletes may opt for the most costly models, the 574 remains a great value for casual runners that will ensure a comfortable run every time. Fueled by buzzy collaborations and its timeless good looks and price point, its dizzying ascent to the forefront of sneaker-dom has been propelled forward thanks to these shoes’ steady selling success at mall stores – contributing significantly to Nike’s massive market dominance.

Journeys is an ideal place for first-timers looking to try New Balance shoes for the first time, offering a selection of styles at unbeatably low prices and supporting causes dear to them. When purchasing from Journeys, you’ll feel good knowing you support an organization that gives back.


When you purchase a New Balance lifestyle shoe, you’re getting more than just an attractive style staple – its best models are engineered for support, providing comfort and confidence with every step. One such shoe from this brand is the Fresh Foam Hierro V4, designed to deliver comfort and confidence on every stride. The Fresh Foam Hierro v4 fits this mold – lightweight, soft, and supportive; featuring a bouncy midsole designed to absorb shock as you walk all day long while its grippable rubber outsole ensures safety against surfaces that could cause slippage – plus it features padded ankle and tongue features as well as arch support to prevent overpronation of feet.

New Balance has long been known for its footwear alchemy. Their 993 shoe is an example of their success: as an updated version of the 99X series, the 993 marries the best elements from both predecessor models–such as additional cushioning and shape modification–into one robust, chunky runner suitable for both walking and treadmill running.

New Balance has proven time after time that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel with every silhouette release; indeed, sometimes simplicity is best. A prime example of this can be found in their revitalized 2002R runner, released during the depths of the recession was initially difficult to sell. Still, Teddy Santis (creator of New Balance’s MADE in USA sub-line) gave it new life with its padded ankle and selection of authentic colors from its period – creating a chunky sneaker that looks equally at home with jeans and tee or track pants paired with a hoodie!

As well as offering various sizes, New Balance styles come in multiple widths to make finding a comfortable fit easier. Shoe width should not be taken for granted, as tight shoes can put undue strain on bones in your feet, leading to complications down the road. When shopping for New Balance shoes, read reviews and select styles appropriate to your foot shape – for wider feet, consider purchasing two pair and switching between them throughout the day so your feet have time to rest!