Modern Exterior House Designs

A modern exterior house design is a style of house that has clean, simple lines. It is enhanced by using strong geometry and angles and features a grassy lawn with a minimalist aesthetic. This type of house is very versatile and can be designed to suit a variety of lifestyles. You may also opt for a modern look that incorporates wood decking.

Clean, simple lines characterize modern exterior house designs.

Clean, simple lines characterize a modern exterior house design, often complemented with bold colors. This design was considered outdated in the past, but today, many homeowners have adopted a clean look. If you plan to redesign your home’s exterior, a modern design is a great way to begin. Moreover, any interior design style can complement a stylish exterior design.

Modern exterior house designs come in many different styles, making it difficult for homeowners to choose a style that matches their needs. Some contemporary types include the “Fantasy” style, a combination of traditional home exteriors with futuristic influences. This style is easy to implement and offers a clean, classic look.

They are boosted by the use of angles and strong geometry

Angles and strong geometry can create exciting effects in home exterior designs. For example, using different kinds of shapes for windows can add architectural interest to a house. Vital geometric elements can also create the illusion of organic movement. Angles can be used to connect different pieces of a home or add-on.

Vital geometric elements can give a contemporary exterior house a sleek look. In addition, they can also create a seamless relationship between the interior and exterior. For instance, strong angles in the roof can create a stylish look for a contemporary home. They also can create an attractive contrast between soft and hardwood.

They are boosted by the use of grey, white, and black color combination

This color combination can increase your modern exterior house designs. It can also help you create an elegant and sophisticated home. Grey and white are less likely to go out of style than other colors. And the use of black is more calming than bright colors.

It is a versatile color that goes well with almost every accent color. The use of gray shades creates a seamless relationship between the interior and exterior. If you want to make your house stand out, try combining gray, white, and black.

Black exterior house colors are becoming more common. A dark charcoal or black shade would look striking on a modern house. But a bold near-black color would stick out like a sore thumb if you live in a neighborhood full of light beach bungalows.

They have a grassy lawn.

Modern exterior house designs often feature a grassy lawn. It can be easier to maintain than a traditional grassy lawn, and it provides more diversity. However, modern exterior house designs may include a concrete yard with gravel-filled beds and steps instead of grass. This will also add more visual interest and reduce the maintenance required.

This low-maintenance yard is lined with pine trees and succulents. The front lawn features an interesting stone sculpture. In the backyard, a secluded swimming pool is set in a low-maintenance garden with mosaic tiles, wood accents, and brick walls. The yard also has a large, beautiful tree in the center. A wooden deck in front of the pool serves as a fence. The wood-framed stair leads to the pool. The gorgeous blue collection stands out from the green grass.