Make Your Face Glow With Ponds Pink Cream

Having dark spots? Try a cream from Pond’s White Beauty line. This cream will help correct dark spots and make your face glow! Apply it to problem areas after cleansing it thoroughly. Ensure that the cream is evenly applied and penetrates all dark spots. You’ll love the smooth and glowing skin you get after using it.

Pond’s Glow Up InstaBright Illuminating Moisturizer Cream

Designed for flawless skin, Pond’s InstaBright Glow Up Illuminating Moisturizer Cream is the ultimate all-in-one solution for glowing, youthful skin. Its rich blend of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3 and light-reflecting particles gives your complexion an instant shimmer.

The cream is easily absorbed into the skin and hydrates it naturally. Its light-reflecting particles provide a long-lasting shimmer that blends into the skin for a natural-looking finish. It also blends into the skin to provide a soft, glossy finish.

The highlighter and base create a soft, glowing effect perfect for summer. The colour is neutral-olive and creates a subtle glow from within. It’s not overly shimmery, but it’s just enough to create the appearance of healthy, radiant skin.

Pond’s White Beauty

In addition to achieving a whiter complexion, Pond’s White Beauty also tackles dark circles. This product contains an innovative active ingredient called GenWhite, which has been dermatologist tested. This ingredient absorbs deep to fade away dullness and spots. It also has an anti-oxidant lightening effect on dark circles.

The clinically proven formula of Pond’s White Beauty effectively inhibits melanin from transferring to the skin’s surface, making your complexion brighter and more transparent. Additionally, this formula blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays. You can enjoy a bright, clear complexion without using costly cosmetics.

The most crucial step in using this cream is cleaning your face thoroughly before applying it. Make sure to use a gentle, even layer, and pay particular attention to problem areas. Then, apply the cream evenly, ensuring it reaches even the darkest spots. Ensure you apply a small amount on your entire face, but don’t overdo it!

While cleansing your face with soap can be effective, it’s not enough to make your skin look radiant and healthy. Pollution, UV rays, and environmental factors can all rob your skin of its radiance. Pond’s White Beauty cream contains skin-lightening properties to restore your glow and is effective in all seasons.

Pond’s White Beauty is a staple of Unilever’s skincare portfolio. It is the largest brand in South-East Asia and has a solid regional presence. Pond’s White Beauty comes in two variants.

Pond’s Clariant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream

Pond’s Clariant B3 Dark Sport Correcting Cream is designed to correct skin tone and discolouration and provides visible results in four weeks. This face cream contains Vitamin B3, which has been proven to reduce discolouration. It also moisturizes the skin, which is beneficial for dry or normal skin.

The cream is also formulated with Vitamins C and B3. It corrects dark spots and makes the skin look more vibrant and even. Using the cream daily can also help to improve the overall tone of the skin. In about four weeks, dark spots will start to fade, and skin will appear brighter and more vibrant.