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Divine Ikubor, aka Rema, of Nigerian music fame, has set another chart-topping record with his hit track ‘Calm Down’ featuring Selena Gomez.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is a Nigerian oil and gas company that draws upon Nigeria’s vast petroleum reserves to foster sustainable national development. Producing, marketing, refining crude oil, and exploring renewable energy sources like wind power. Furthermore, the NNPC invests in Nigeria’s infrastructure development projects.

NNPC is a state-owned enterprise that exploits Nigeria’s fossil fuel reserves with foreign firms. Its activities are overseen by a board of directors and a group managing director; Mele Kyari recently replaced Maikanti Baru as managing director.

Under his tenure, the NNPC has strengthened its focus on its founding principles: Transparency, Accountability, and Performance Excellence (TAPE). Publicly sharing production figures on their website. Introducing two tools to combat corruption, including their Code of Conduct and Tip Portal that empower employees to report unethical behavior or misconduct within their workplace.

One of the critical challenges in the oil industry is managing conflicts between local communities and oil license holders, often stemming from environmental and social costs associated with operations. A recent law, the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), is intended to address some of these concerns by creating the Host Community Development Trust Fund (HCDTF), funded through gas flaring penalties; any revenues generated will go toward community projects. PIA hopes this fund can create sustainable prosperity while forging positive relationships between oil companies and host communities.

The Nigerian Army

Nigeria’s Army is an effective fighting force but has suffered from chronic under-resourcing and corruption. Although it is one of the largest armies in West Africa and serves major foreign deployments under ECOWAS and AU peacekeeping missions and UN peacekeeping duties, its inefficient operations and lack of training have rendered it considerably less capable than its size and equipment inventory would indicate.

The Army’s battle against Boko Haram has been challenging. Soldiers have been accused of extrajudicial killings and mistreatment of civilians – including children – and human rights abuses by security forces such as sexual violence and arbitrary detention. Authorities have attempted to address these problems, but there remain significant challenges.

Boko Haram, which translates to “Western education is sin,” began an insurgency against Islamic law in 2009. Since then, they have expanded into Cameroon, Niger, and Chad territories, killing thousands and displacing millions.

Nigeria’s Armed Forces consist of three services — Army, Navy, and Air Force — with an umbrella command known as the Office of Chief of Defense Staff. In addition, this branch of service sponsors the Nigerian Military School at Zaria and numerous Command Secondary Schools.

The Nigerian Air Force

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is one of Africa’s most significant air forces, boasting over 18,000 members. Their primary function is to support Nigeria’s military defense system from above, provide quick movement of personnel when required, and preserve territorial integrity across their homeland.

The New Air Force (NAF) comprises various wings and squadrons that report directly to its headquarters. Each unit is led by an Air Vice Marshal acting as their commanding officer. In addition, senior and junior officers serve in different capacities within the NAF.

In addition to wings and squadrons, the National Air Force boasts various other units and departments that assist its operations, such as the NAF Academy – which provides training to NAF personnel – bases, maintenance facilities, and bases spread across India.

The New Air Force (NAF) is always working towards increasing its airborne capabilities and on land. Recently, they purchased several A-29 Super Tucano aircraft from Japan and new facilities at Kainji Air Base to accommodate them and perform missions more effectively.

The Nigerian Navy

The Nigerian Navy (NN) is a multi-mission branch of the Armed Forces charged with protecting Nigeria’s seas, coast, and vital interests. Operating as an army, police force, and intelligence agency, its roles are set out in its constitution, National Defence Policy, and relevant statutes.

Over the past years, Nigeria’s Naval (NN) force has played an indispensable role in safeguarding Nigeria’s maritime domain. Their successes include safely loading and unloading over 276 oil tankers within Nigerian territorial waters without an instance of piracy, armed robbery, or other acts of sabotage; additionally, they’ve helped combat rampant crude oil theft by criminal gangs operating along Nigeria’s coasts.

Additionally, the Navy Navy (NN) has participated in regional peace-building operations and joined the Economic Community of West African States Maritime Anti-piracy Exercises (OBANGAME EXPRESS). in 2013, 2014, and 2015. OBANGAME has enhanced cooperation among members of the Gulf of Guinea region and prosecution of transnational crimes such as piracy, arms trafficking, illegal drug smuggling, and illegal fishing. Nigeria’s Special Boat Service stands alone among Africa’s Special Operations Forces in its ability to thwart terrorist attacks against Nigeria. Furthermore, their effectiveness against criminal elements in the Niger Delta region and improving security at Nigeria’s borders make them invaluable.

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