Java Tutorial – W3Schools, Codementor, Coursera, and JournalDev

There are several java tutorial sites online. W3schools, Codementor, Coursera, and JournalDev are a few examples. While they don’t all offer the same quality of instruction, they are a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to program in Java.


If you’re trying to learn java, you’ve probably come across w3schools. It is a good site that offers tutorials, but it’s an outdated resource. There are better, more recent resources. In particular, you might want to check out Oracle’s java home page, which includes actual framework docs and API docs. Another option is StackOverflow, which is decent, but the answers are often outdated and sometimes even dangerously wrong. After all, everyone can write a screenplay, but not everyone is Shakespeare.

Java is a general-purpose programming language designed to simplify the development process. It aims to make development easier by enabling developers to write once and run on many platforms. It is widely used in software development and is used in many applications and web applications.


One of the best ways to learn how to code is through the help of a good tutorial. Codementor is an excellent website with a large library of language courses and tutorial classes. It also offers valuable tips and blogs. The website is a well-designed and well-organized one with simple navigation.

Aside from providing quality tutorials, Codementor is also a good source for finding jobs in the tech industry. The company connects people with mentors to help them learn the skills required. It also provides a certification program for its members.


W3Schools’ Java tutorial offers an excellent introduction to the basics of the language. It includes a built-in Java console and a series of exercises and quizzes. The interface is simple and uncluttered, with no distracting ads. The site offers the opportunity to earn certification, which is a great perk. Its library of tutorials includes more than 1,200 tasks that are designed to test your knowledge.

There are other popular coding tutorial websites, such as edX, which offers courses similar to Coursera’s. Its Java tutorials are taught by University of California and Duke University professors and include videos, readings, quizzes, and peer-reviewed assignments. The site is also accessible on mobile platforms.


JournalDev is a WordPress blog that features in-depth tutorials on Java. It covers core Java EE frameworks. Its tutorials are divided into different categories, each covering a different aspect of the language. It also features a table of contents and a Q&A section.

There are many resources for Java Tutorials on the internet. W3Schools’s Java tutorial is one of them. It offers tutorials written by industry experts. The lessons include code examples, illustrations, and DevOps. It also includes a career section. Though its content is easy to follow, it isn’t designed for complete beginners. Moreover, it assumes that students have a good knowledge of Java.


If you’re looking for a free java tutorial, Stack Overflow is the place to go. With over one million answers from experienced programmers, this site offers a wide variety of tutorials on many subjects. You can get everything from basic programming concepts to advanced techniques to help you succeed in the field. In addition, if you have questions about the use of variables, Stack Overflow will be the place to go.

Program Creek

Program Creek is a no-nonsense Java tutorial site. It offers code examples and in-depth explanations of key concepts. However, there are some problems with the site’s design and layout. It can be hard to navigate and is less appealing than other sites. However, the tutorials are comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics.

For those interested in learning Java, the site features a range of tutorials written by industry professionals. The content includes code examples, illustrations, and a career section. The site also offers a wealth of tutorials covering a wide variety of advanced Java technologies, including JVM and WebSphere.