Integrity Spas Reviews

Having a hot tub is an excellent way to relax in the summer months, but there are many factors you need to consider before you purchase. These factors are discussed in this article.

Tahitian hot tub

Even though Integrity Spas has a relatively robust line of hot tubs, the Tahitian XXL 6 person is our favorite, thanks to its enviable warranty and nanny-free setup. The spa is also a bargain at around $5000, and with its massive warranty comes all the freebies. The Tahitian is also an excellent choice for renters and condo dwellers, as the XXL 6 person can be plugged in and put to work in no time. In addition to the spa’s standard features, it is also stocked with a bevy of luxury amenities. So whether it’s a slumber party or a late night in the city, the Tahitian XXL will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Grand Cayman hot tub

Whether you’re looking for a hot tub ideal for a couple or a family, Integrity spas offer a variety of models you’re sure to love. With features like the Grand Cayman Dual Zone Swim Spa, you’ll enjoy the perfect hydrotherapy experience to relieve stress and tension.

In addition to the standard features of a hot tub, Integrity spas offer a range of custom finishing options. You can choose from various cabinet colors and acrylic finishes to create a perfect tub for your needs. And, if you’re looking for a high-end model, the company has luxury models in the $8000-$9000 price range.

Oahu hot tub

Unlike many of its competitors, Integrity Spas has a website where you can find a list of all the hot tubs they have in stock. This company has been around for seven years and has carved out a name for itself in the hot tub world.

Their lowest cost spas are usually under five thousand dollars, while their best of the best swim spas will run you in the neighborhood of twenty-five grand or so. So if you want to save some cash, filling out a quick spa questionnaire is the best place to start. After you’ve filled it out, you’ll get a personalized spa quote based on your preferences.


Having Integrity Spas delivered to your doorstep can be an experience. This company has a reputation for being a trusted supplier of luxury spas. With the best customer service in the industry and knowledgeable and courteous staff, your experience will be a memorable one.

Fortunately, a company called US Shipping will help you through the delivery process. Contact them if you have any questions, and they will answer the naysayers. You can also sign up for a free delivery checklist and schedule a day and time that is most convenient for you. So whether you are looking for a new hot tub or a refurbished model, they can help you get the most out of your new investment.

Swim spa

Choosing a swim spa is a decision that can have long-term benefits, but not all brands are created equal. When it comes to longevity, a high-quality, well-fitting cover is crucial.

If you are looking for a quality swim spa, you will want to consider the Aquatic Training Vessels (ATV) brand. Their shells are constructed from a covalently-bonded macro-molecular resin structure. This material is resistant to cracking and crazing.

ATV swim spas offer a large, spacious workout area and superior soundproofing. They also feature an integrated Ozonator with a Mazzei injection. This helps reduce energy use while adding to the efficiency of the spa system.