ICICI Mobile Banking App

ICICI mobile banking app lets you manage your accounts easily on the go. The app enables you to do everything from making payments to managing credit cards. It features over 200 banking services, making it one of the most comprehensive mobile applications available. It even has features like iMobile Pay and UPI ID (a virtual identity for UPI payments) payments. Other features include personalized offers, online bill payment, and credit card management.

ICICI Bank’s iMobile

ICICI Bank’s iMobile app allows users to perform various banking tasks using their mobile devices. They can transfer funds, pay bills, recharge DTH, and even find an ATM. The app is free to download and can be accessed through the Apple and Google Play stores. After you install the app on your device, you’ll need to provide ID proof before logging in. For example, you can use your driver’s license, employee identity card, or voter ID to confirm your identity. You can also receive account-related alerts through SMS.

ICICI Bank’s iMobile app also offers features to help you perform non-financial transactions. It also uses advanced encryption technology and a multi-step security process to protect your account data. For example, you can use your four-digit PIN, Internet Banking User ID, or password to log in to the app. The app also supports fingerprint verification for even more security.

The iMobile app offers over 200 banking services, including a mobile payment feature called iMobile Pay. This feature lets you pay bills and make online recharges through any bank account. You can also use iMobile Pay to pay your dues on other banks’ credit cards. Furthermore, with iMobile Pay, you can transfer money between your bank accounts and your digital wallets from your mobile phone. As a result, managing your bank accounts on your mobile device is easier than ever!

T-Mobile Pay also offers a feature called Pay to contacts. When you make a payment, your iMobile app will display the UPI ID of your contacts in your phone book. The mobile banking app also provides interoperability with other payment apps and digital wallets, meaning you don’t have to memorize multiple UPI IDs to make purchases.


ICICI Bank’s IMPS app makes it possible to make payments using your mobile phone. The app supports a wide range of transactions, from online bill payments to making deposits and withdrawals. The app also lets you view your account activity. You can also make online payments, tax payments, purchase insurance, and recharge mobile phones and DTH connections. You can also register for Mobile Banking at an ICICI Bank ATM.

ICICI Bank’s IMPS service allows you to transfer money instantly between accounts in minutes. Unlike the slower NEFT service, IMPS is available around the clock. It also works on bank holidays. There’s no waiting time, and you can transfer up to Rs 2 lakh of funds per account and up to Rs 10,000 per mobile number.

IMPS is a secure payment service that offers two-step authentication. The first step involves entering your mobile number, and the second involves using your MMID. You can obtain your MMID when you register for mobile banking. IMPS is not dependent on a single channel, unlike other mobile payment apps. You can access the app on your mobile phone, ATM, or Internet. It also sends you a confirmation SMS for each transaction.

ICICI Bank’s iMobile app also supports IMPS payments. This mobile app allows you to make payments with your mobile number, IFSC, or Aadhar number. You can also use your ICICI debit card to make payments.


ICICI Bank’s RTGS app allows its customers to make payments, transfer money and check their account balance at the touch of a button. This service uses the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system to transfer funds between banks on a one-to-one basis in real time. There are 140,000 RTGS-enabled bank branches across India, so you can quickly transfer money to anyone you choose.

The ICICI Bank RTGS mobile banking app has a variety of other features as well, including support for several languages, live chat, phone and email support, and a debit card with UPI ID and PIN. This app allows you to pay bills, transfer funds, recharge your mobile, and more from your phone.

RTGS is a network-based payment system that allows you to make transactions to any other country bank instantly. For example, you can transfer up to Rs. 1 crore with a click of a button. This is the fastest way to transfer money, and anyone in any country can use it.

To make an RTGS transfer, you’ll need a mobile phone registered with the bank. If you don’t have an active mobile phone, you can register for the service at an ICICI bank branch. Make sure to bring your ID proof when you register. Once registered, you can access mobile alerts even when you’re abroad, but you’ll need to subscribe to international roaming.