How to Use DBS PayLah!

DBS PayLah is a mobile payment application that allows DBS Bank credit card holders to pay their bills and check their card statements conveniently. PayLah also provides a platform where users can apply for new credit cards, DBS Points, and Daily$ to offset their bills. The service is also available for DBS digibank customers and can be used to pay at participating merchants. Read on to find out how to use PayLah!


The DBS Paylah e-wallets allow you to manage your money on your phone. For example, you can use the app to check your bank statements and apply for credit cards. In addition, you can use your PayLah to offset the cost of your credit card bills using DBS Points or Daily$. You can even set up an auto-debit feature using digibank and access your monthly statements electronically.

The DBS PayLah e-wallet is a convenient way to pay for a wide range of products and services. It has more than 1.8 million users and has changed the payments landscape in Singapore. The new PayLah! For Teens, the app lowers the barrier to digital payment for younger customers. It lets customers view their credit card balances, track their promotion spending, and stay updated with relevant deals.

With DBS PayLah!, you can pay for your online purchases, send money to friends, top up your prepaid phone, and more. Unlike the usual debit card, the DBS PayLah e-wallet is available on Android and iOS platforms. The app works with several bank networks in Singapore, including PayNow and DBS. In addition, you can send and receive money through PayLah! from merchants in almost any location.

Payment app

DBS PayLah! is an app that allows users to pay for goods and services using their mobile phones. In addition, users can check their card statements, apply for new credit cards, and offset their bills with DBS Points or Daily$. It also allows users to enable auto-debit and top up their wallets from other banks using FAST transfers. Its app is also free. For more information, visit DBS’ website.

PayLah! is similar to PayNow in that it lets users pay for items and bills and send money to friends. However, the app also allows users to get cashback on purchases and earn rewards. Users can also download the app to create QR codes for participating retailers and merchants. The app also allows customers to use their phones to order food, ride services, and even book tickets. Even special discounts and deals can be redeemed on purchases made through the app.

Another feature of the app is its international reach. Users of the app can now make payments at merchants in 45 countries worldwide. Merchants that accept UnionPay QR codes can also accept payments with the DBS PayLah! App. Moreover, the app will automatically convert currency for overseas transactions. The app is already popular in Singapore and has 2.2 million users worldwide. It aims to make payment easier and safer.

UnionPay QR code payment network

DBS Bank and UnionPay have announced a partnership for the DBS PayLah! Mobile wallet. Mobile wallet users can use it at participating overseas merchants to pay with a UnionPay QR code. The partnership will expand the service’s presence to about 30 million merchants worldwide. In addition, the app allows customers to pay without carrying cash, and users will not have to worry about exchange rates.

The partnership is expected to bring QR payments to many more countries, including China, India, Japan, and the Philippines. In addition, the two companies are working to enable the payment network for various partners in Southeast Asia and Europe. The new partnership is expected to increase the convenience and security of digital payments in these countries. The partnership will also help merchants accept UnionPay on their platforms. Further, the two companies will work together to make their products and services more appealing to consumers.

DBS PayLah! and OCBC Pay Anyone in Thailand can use mobile devices to make digital payments at over 8 million merchants across the country. Soon, TMRW users can make payments in Thailand using their local banking apps. Thailand will also be able to accept QR code payments through DBS Paylah and UOB TMRW. These banks will join the UnionPay QR code payment network to enable more merchants to accept these payments.


Promos at DBS Paylah! Allow you a $5 cashback by referring your friends to join the service. You can redeem your referral code upon signup or in your account by clicking on the link. There’s no catch to this promotion – it ends when 8000 people have registered to use DBS PayLah! The app also supports NETS and PayNowQR.

One of the best ways to redeem the promos at DBS PayLah! is by booking movie tickets with your PayLah! Account. The app offers an icon that displays the GV website. Once you click on the icon, you’ll be redirected to GV’s website. From there, you’ll be able to book your movie tickets and get a discount of S$2.50 per ticket. When you check out, select “DBS PayLah! Movie Privileges” so you can enjoy these special offers.

In addition to its payment capabilities, DBS PayLah has various shopping and entertainment benefits. In addition to cashback and free bonus rewards, you can earn free bonus credits by referring friends to the mobile payment app. For example, with the Referral Code, you can earn a $5 credit when your friends sign up with DBS PayLah. The Referral Coupon can also help you earn a free bonus if your friends sign up using your Referral code.


DBS Paylah Availability is not available in the RapidAPI Marketplace yet. This is because it hasn’t been made available for developers to test. In the meantime, developers can check out the top APIs to see if they are compatible with DBS PayLah. The service is available at more than 80,000 locations. It also has promotions such as movie tickets at Golden Village every Wednesday. There are also many offers for DBS and POSB card holders.

In addition, the app can be used to pay at merchants that accept UnionPay QR codes worldwide. The service is available in 45 countries. Previously, only Singaporeans could use the service. Now, however, it’s available to users in 45 countries. The application works with the UnionPay payment network, which has 31 million physical retailers globally. Users have to scan a QR code provided at the store where they wish to make a payment. Alternatively, users can also generate a QR code at participating merchants. In addition, the application will automatically handle currency conversions.

DBS PayLah! has more than 1.8 million users. It’s an open banking service that has helped DBS reshape the payments landscape in Singapore. The new PayLah! For Teens, service lowers the entry barrier for young people to use digital payment services while providing them with a convenient, simple solution to manage their lives. The app is designed to easily track their credit card balance, track their promotional spend, and keep abreast of relevant deals and discounts.


eStatements are the new way to receive bank statements. They can be downloaded from the internet and are safe and secure. You can access your accounts online, and only you can see them. You can also manage your accounts via Internet Banking or SMS Banking. eStatements are available for download at any time. You can start using them from the next statement cycle. To use eStatements, you will need a POSB Passbook Savings Account.

You can access your eStatements online anytime you want. They will be available for at least 60 days. You can also consolidate your previous PayLah! Transactions. You’ll need to log in with your DBS/POSB Digibank credentials and receive an SMS OTP, an added layer of authentication. However, if you’re still experiencing problems, you can contact PayLah’s customer service. They will do their best to help you quickly.

DBS iBanking is an online banking service in Singapore. It lets you view your bank balance, pay bills, and transfer money online. You can also manage your credit cards and receive eStatements. If you prefer, you can also use SMS Banking to receive updates from your bank. The DBS iBanking Singapore mobile app is free for download and is easy to use. This mobile app also includes the digibank mobile app and eStatements.

Terms and conditions

DBS Paylah is a payment service offered by DBS Bank. Its services are designed to help you pay for your everyday needs. You can use DBS Paylah for online payments, including purchases at stores, restaurants, and car rentals. You can also use it to send money to your family and friends. The service also supports mobile payments. To make payments using DBS Paylah, register for an account.

To use the DBS PayLah! Service, you must have an account with DBS Bank. To do so, you must have an account in Singapore. You must choose a bank account that you own, which you can use to withdraw money. You can choose from one personal or joint-alternate bank account. Once you’re set-up, you can use DBS PayLah! to transfer money from one bank account to another.

You agree to these Terms and Conditions when you use DBS Paylah. You may also be charged if you violate them. In addition, you may be charged for any fraudulent activity. You must also check your bank’s credit score before using the DBS Paylah service. You’re encouraged to keep your bank account balance up to date and maintain it in a secure location. Also, you should review any notifications about DBS Paylah.