How to Update Your Home With Traditional Decor

If you want to update your home with traditional decor, consider making your mantel a focal point. Embrace warm tones, focus on symmetry, and incorporate artful accessories. If you’d like to add a traditional touch, you can use simple ornaments, such as a framed print.

Focuses on opulence

Opulence in traditional decor does not necessarily have to be over the top. Although it has a connection to abundance and affluence, opulent design isn’t as apparent as some people think. It can be subtle and elegant, as in the case of designer Khouri Guzman’s Ellis side table. It is decorated with rich details, such as gilded edging.

In traditional decor, details and order are crucial. Gold, silver, and china are typical accessories. The room will also typically feature architectural information and a focal point.

Emphasizes warm tones

Traditional decor is a design style that emphasizes warm tones and organic tones. These colors were introduced to the home from the gardens that surrounded aristocratic homes. These colors are often found in upholstery, curtains, and decoration textiles. These colors come in hues such as peach, pink, and crimson. The colors used are neutral but still look inviting. You can mix traditional elements with unconventional colors and patterns for a more eclectic look.