How to Spice Up Your Home With Nautical Decor

Whether you’re decorating a small room or a large one, you can use a nautical decor theme to spice things up. From drifting seaweed to blue and white stripes to navigational maps, there are several items you can incorporate into your nautical decor. Here are a few ideas:

Sea glass

There are many ways to use sea glass as a decorative element for your nautical decor. It is beautiful, unique, and very adaptable. You can add it to decorative containers, flowers, or candles. It is also great for outdoor decor. It is also perfect for coastal weddings. You can also paint the sea glass before gluing it onto your canvas.

Sea glass is the perfect decoration for a nautical theme. The beach is a favorite destination for many people, and beach glass is a great souvenir. Sea glass will be a unique addition to any room in your home and will surely catch anyone’s eye. You can also use it to create jewelry or another nautical decor.

One popular way to use sea glass as nautical decor is to make suncatchers. These suncatchers can look amazing anywhere. You can even put them in a window to let the sun shine through them. The effect of the light shining through the glass is truly breathtaking. You can also try to oil the sea glass to bring out its color. You can use mineral oil, which you can remove with soap and water.

When buying sea glass, make sure it is made of high-quality glass. The quality should not have any shiny spots, jagged edges, or chips. The color should be uniform and not patchy. Some sea glass is thicker than others, and some may have a distinct texture.

Drifting seaweed

Drifting seaweed is one of the most beautiful and versatile elements in nautical decor. This floating seaweed accumulates in the lines left by the rising and receding tides. This pattern is part of the spring-neap cycle that occurs twice a month. The highest line results from the spring tide, while stormy seas leave behind the lowest line. Observing the seaweed’s state during different cycle phases can help you understand the tide’s behavior. On wave-exposed western Atlantic coastlines, drifting seaweed includes kelps and fucoid algae.

Blue and white stripes

The classic blue and white stripes are the foundation for any nautical decorating scheme, and you can use them in many different ways. The easiest way to incorporate these stripes into your home is with a striped rug, but you can also paint one wall the same color as your stripes. This combination also looks great on outdoor furniture, especially around a water feature.

Another option is to use the stripes in your bed linen. You can mix and match them with other designs, like a chevron or diamond pattern. You can also use navy-colored anchor wall art to add color and a nautical vibe to your room. You can also use colorful tiles as a backsplash.

When creating a nautical decor style, you should use a color palette reminiscent of the sea and sandy shores. The colors include whites in all shades of blue, from brilliant to subdued. You should use navy blues and whites, but you can also add accent colors like red, yellow, and green to create a balanced scheme.

Another nautical element to incorporate is sea glass. These natural materials can be used in picture frames, bowls, and even as part of a mosaic feature wall. Sea glass is also available in various other products, such as gel candles and epoxy resin trays.

Navigational maps

Using navigational maps as decor in your home can add a nautical touch to any room. These decorative accents are often seen as wallpaper in nautical rooms, but they can also be framed for a more professional look. Moreover, these nautical-themed decor pieces are highly functional, as they can be used for entertaining and planning nautical-themed Christmas celebrations and high tea parties.

Various types of nautical charts are available in the market, each of which serves a different purpose. These maps are used for navigation and include information such as latitude and longitude scales, topographical features, navigation aids, warning notices, and water depth. This information helps navigators plan a safe course and track progress appropriately.


Shells are an inexpensive and natural way to create a coastal decor in your home. You can find shells on the beach or purchase them cleaned and ready for display. You can also use shells for craft projects, including making ornaments and candle accents. You can also find seashells in various colors to decorate any room in your home with a seashell motif.

Decorative seashells are an essential part of coastal or beach decor, whether in a vase, a bottle, or hanging on a wall. These shells are perfect for arts and crafts projects and are a great gift idea. They also make perfect fillers for your nautical decor.


Adding driftwood to your home can be an easy way to add nautical decor. Driftwood is typically painted white, but you can find pieces with leather accents. These pieces will be more unique and rustic. You can also buy larger driftwood sailboats to make a focal point for your nautical decor.

Creating unique art pieces from driftwood can be as simple as drilling holes in them and stringing some seashells. Another easy way to personalize your driftwood decor is to make a photo collage. Clipping photos together and stringing them together will create a cohesive look. Use photos in the same color family and with the same filter, and you’ll have a unique accent piece. Driftwood also makes great planters. Air plants and succulents grow well in these planters, requiring very little water. You can also carve out an opening in thick driftwood and use it as a dining room centerpiece.

Chandeliers with driftwood finishes are another option to add to your home’s nautical decor. Driftwood finishes are versatile, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They can be a beautiful centerpiece for a table, and you can add a sea glass or succulent to accent them. You can hang these pieces from rope or other hangings.