How to Post a Story on Facebook Business Suite

If you’re looking for some tips on how to post a story on Facebook business suite, you’re in luck. This article has plenty of helpful information on how to schedule your posts, customize your text, and more. Plus, you’ll find out how to hide your story from specific users.

Schedule posts for both Facebook and Instagram

If you are a small business owner who wants to get your Facebook or Instagram content in front of your audience at the right time, then you should consider scheduling your posts. With scheduling tools, you can create a content strategy that will boost your sales.

There are many options when it comes to scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts. Some of them are free. Others require a paid subscription. A few of them are designed specifically for businesses.

The first tool is Facebook Business Suite. This is a free tool that is designed for small businesses. It includes features such as the ability to write captions and customize the text for both Instagram and Facebook posts. However, it lacks some of the editing tools found in other apps.

Add a swipe-up link

Facebook Stories have the capacity to drive traffic and direct action. In addition to traditional post engagement, brands can leverage stories to reach new audiences and promote products, services, and events. For example, REI created an Instagram Story for its Cyber Monday sale.

However, it’s a bit more difficult to integrate links into stories. While Instagram has introduced a shoppable product sticker, it’s still not as simple as tapping a link from your desktop. Fortunately, Android users can work around the system.

One way is to use the “Share On” button to publish an image of a link to a story. Alternatively, you can use a browser to add a URL. You can even use the mobile app to do the same.

Using the “swipe up” feature allows you to insert a link in your stories, which is pretty cool. The only hiccup is that the feature is only available to accounts with ten thousand followers or more.

Customize the text on your posts

There are plenty of ways to customize the text on your posts on Facebook Business Suite. This includes the social network’s own features, as well as third-party tools. You can change the color of your posts, add hashtags, and even schedule your posts. It’s easy to see why so many brands are jumping on the third-party bandwagon.

One of the best features of Facebook Business Suite is the ability to customize your post for both Facebook and Instagram. For example, you can use a carousel to highlight ten of your best photos or tag a few of your favorite people in a single Instagram post. In addition, you can add @mentions, hashtags, and locations.

The Post Composer’s rich text editor offers a few nice tricks, including the ability to add links and strikethrough text with a tilde. If you’re using a Mac, you can right-click on the post and choose “Paste.”

Hide a particular Story from people on your friend list

If you have a Facebook Business Suite, you may want to use it to hide a particular Story from your friends. This will give you control over who sees what, and it is easier than you think.

The first step is to access your story. There are two ways to do this. One is to log into your Facebook account and open the Stories tab. You can also save your stories to your mobile device. When you do this, you’ll see an option to turn on analytics. By doing this, you’ll know which of your Stories are getting the most exposure.

Another way to customize a story is to add filters. These filters will let you add text, images, and stickers to your post. Once you’ve added your filters, you can then share your post. To do this, click on Share to Story.

Share a piece of your brand’s story

Facebook Business Suite offers tools to create and share a piece of your brand’s story. This can be an effective way to help your company reach its goals. It can also help you improve your marketing strategy. By tracking content performance, you can better understand your brand’s marketing efforts.

When creating a Facebook story, it is important to consider your audience. The platform is highly visual, so your content should be entertaining and informative. If you want to reach more people, include videos, images, and links. You can also use polls, location tags, filters, and stickers to enhance your content.

Stories can be a great way to deliver short how-to tutorials or promote products. These formats allow you to make your content stand out from the crowd.