How to Fix a Dripping Mixer Tap

To fix a dripping mixer tap, you will need to identify the source of the leak. The leak can be caused by a blocked drain or a ceramic disc inside the connector pipe. To get started, remove the decorative part of your tap and the ceramic cartridge. It would help if you also replaced the washer.

Remove the decorative part from the mixer tap.

If you suspect your mixer tap is dripping, you can quickly fix the problem by removing the decorative part. To do so, you’ll need to unscrew the two screws on either side of the central screw. Once they are unscrewed, you can then loosen the retaining nuts. Now, you can access the dripping cartridge and replace it.

You may need a screwdriver to remove the decorative part from your mixer tap. A flathead screwdriver is a valuable tool for this. Use a lubricant on the screws before removing them. If you can’t unscrew them yourself, you can use a pipe wrench to loosen them. You can also twist the valve to remove it.

Remove ceramic cartridge

If your mixer tap is dripping, you may be able to solve the problem by replacing the ceramic cartridge. The process is quick and easy and will only cost you a fraction of the cost of a new tap. And if you’re a DIYer, you can save money and get the same great DIY feeling from replacing the cartridge. Otherwise, you can get a professional plumber or team of experts to help you.

First, locate the grub screw that holds the mixer handle to the base of the tap. This screw is usually covered with a plastic cap, and you’ll need a minor Allen key to undo it. Next, unscrew the grub screw and remove the handle.

Replace washer

Before attempting to replace the washer on your dripping mixer tap, you need to turn off the water supply. Next, locate the main stopcock, usually near the kitchen sink. Once this is done, you can work on your tap. If your mixer tap is a dual one with a hot and cold water handle, you’ll need to remove both handles and check that both handles have washers.

Usually, a leaky faucet is the result of a worn-out washer. These washers are located between the handle and stem. To ensure a tight fit, you should try several different sizes to determine the correct one for your tap. It’s a good idea to use your old washer as a reference when trying out different sizes. Once you’ve found the correct size, you should coat it with grease to prevent it from sticking to the stem.

Prevent grit and grime from getting a foothold on a mixer tap

Ensure that grit and grime do not get a foothold on your mixer tap by cleaning it regularly. Dirt and grime can damage the performance of your mixer tap and cause it to drip. The best way to clean your tap is to remove the head and housing of the tap.

To clean a mixer tap, turn off the water first, and use a soft cloth to wipe away any excess water. If you do not wipe away water, you’ll leave water spots and limescale. This is especially common with hard water, which is water with a high calcium bicarbonate content. Water with a hardness of 4 or above can cause visible limescale. A microfibre cloth to wipe the tap dry will also help extend the time between cleanings.

Repair a leaking mixer tap

To repair a leaking mixer tap, you must find out where the leak is coming from. A typical leak is caused by the ceramic disc hidden inside a cartridge. These discs control the flow of cold and hot water. You will need to replace the disc if it is cracked or broken. Be sure to purchase the correct replacement cartridge to avoid worsening the problem. Turning off the water supply is also essential before you start working on the tap. Switching between hot and cold water is also recommended before you begin.

First, you should locate the cap of your leaking mixer tap. It is usually located on the hot and cold indicator buttons. Once you have located the cap, you can remove it. Make sure you have an old rag nearby so that you don’t scratch your mixer’s finish. Next, you should replace the ceramic cartridge with the correct one. You can find a replacement at a plumbers merchant or a DIY store.