How to Find a Straw Hat Pizza Near Me

This pizza stands out from the pack with its delectable thick-layered crust and six types of delectable cheeses that combine perfectly to make it so special. First created in California during 1959’s baby boom years and California’s transition into new ideas and lifestyles.

In 1986, Saga Corporation was acquired by Marriott. They attempted to convert all Straw Hat locations to Pizza Hut; however, this did not go ahead; therefore the owners formed the Straw Hat Cooperative Corporation to provide support and keep the brand alive.

Founded in 1959

Established in 1959, this chain pioneered “Genuine California Pizza.” Their pizza is prepared using six naturally aged cheeses and tomatoes harvested within three days to ensure they are perfectly ripe. Furthermore, all restaurants strive to source ingredients within 150 miles – this may translate to higher prices but the company considers the effort worth their while.

It also fosters a healthy lifestyle through its food and family-friendly environment, offering fresh salads, sandwiches, and drinks in addition to its signature pizzas. Due to this healthy menu offering it has received several industry accolades; including receiving approval from the American Heart Association as the only pizza franchise!

Saga Corporation acquired Straw Hat Pizza in 1968 and expanded it to more than 20 locations throughout Northern California, while also operating Velvet Turtle fine dining restaurant; Black Angus Steakhouse; and food service for Hobart College in Kalamazoo Michigan. Unfortunately, in 1986 the Saga Corporation sold all their Straw Hat Pizza locations to Pizza Hut so they could convert to their brand – however individual store owners loved Straw Hat Pizza so much they fought to keep it alive, eventually winning permission to operate as a cooperative corporations which give them greater influence over decisions by company management.

Become a franchisee

An Ideal Straw Hat Pizza Franchise could be an excellent way to generate profit while serving nutritious food in an enjoyable atmosphere. These locations typically feature arcade rooms and big-screen TVs to attract families and draw young people in. Furthermore, many Straw Hat Pizza locations also sell beer and wine. Starting up is simple – all it takes is attending a discovery day to gain more information on the franchise, followed by taking part in a multi-week training program before opening your location.

Straw Hat Pizza has become one of the most beloved California pizza chains since opening its first location in 1959. Offering genuine California Crust pizza with Hot Hats as their flagship products, Straw Hat strives to offer a family-oriented dining experience across its 20 locations across the southwestern United States.

Straw Hat Pizza chain remains an attractive investment option despite its size and established nature, yet still faces challenges related to corporate ownership structure, small marketing budget, and limited reach in the market. Yet these issues do not prevent it from remaining an excellent fast-food business option. With its unique concept, quality products, and loyal customer base it offers plenty of opportunity for investors looking for successful franchise opportunities.

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Straw Hat Pizza was established in 1960 as a family-friendly restaurant. The name echoes the uniform worn by pizzeria workers while providing a friendly atmosphere and quality ingredients in every pizza made at their establishment. Over time, their chain expanded throughout California.

Straw Hat Pizza now boasts 60 locations worldwide, each focused on creating lasting memories through good food and great experiences. Their menu offers gourmet pizzas, Hot Hat sandwiches, salad bars, and an all-you-can-eat salad bar – and is famous for its thin-layered crust with the perfect blend of cheeses! They also serve wings, pasta dishes, and burgers!

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Place a pick-up order

Straw Hat Pizza is an established chain of pizza restaurants in California, offering online ordering with pick-up from your nearest location. Choose from an array of pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and beverages – not forgetting desserts, soups, and pasta too! At some locations, outdoor seating may even be available!

Established by three brothers in San Leandro, California in 1959, Pizza Ranch’s name reflected their style of food easily and was easy for customers to remember. Over time they expanded the franchise to 50 locations throughout Northern California – famous for thin layered crust with tangy sauce as well as offering salads and gourmet pizzas.

Straw Hat Pizza currently operates 60 locations in California under ownership by Saga Corporation and continues to expand into new markets such as Santa Maria. Their new location offers quality pizza in an enjoyable atmosphere for families to visit.

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