How to Air Fry a Red Baron Pizza

If you want a quick, convenient meal, try air frying a frozen Red Baron pizza – in minutes you will have delicious, crispy slices with melting cheese!

This recipe is very straightforward, taking only minutes to prep and cook frozen pizzas.

Air Fryer Red Baron Deep Dish Singles

Cooking frozen pizza in an air fryer is an efficient way to save time and energy while being healthier than an oven due to using less oil and heat, it’s much simpler for cleanup! This quick and easy Red Baron deep dish singles recipe uses just that method, with perfectly cooked toppings on a crispy golden crust that makes this an easy lunch or dinner alternative that doesn’t compromise quality!

Red Baron pizza singles allow you to choose from an extensive array of toppings, such as pepperoni, sausage, green and red bell peppers, real mozzarella cheese, and even pesto for an herbaceous kick! Or try Alfredo or barbecue for something creamy yet delectable!

This recipe works with most brands of frozen pizza, such as Stouffer’s, Red Baron, Totino’s, Celeste, and DiGiorno. Simply ensure your air fryer is preheated before adding your pizza to it; make sure it doesn’t exceed your capacity in terms of size; regularly check it to ensure proper baking; add additional cooking time as necessary until your pizza is thoroughly cooked; this should take approximately 10 minutes per single and 5 extra minutes per French bread pizza (both should take 20-25 minutes respectively).

Pizza Melts

Pizza Hut’s new singles menu item, Cheese Melts is perfect for people who prefer being alone and don’t necessarily need company. Available at participating locations nationwide for $6.99 each.

Thin crust slices are folded, dusted with garlic powder, and filled with fan-favorite cheese and toppings before being baked until golden-brown crispness is reached – then served alongside ranch and Buffalo sauce as dipping sauces! The Melts offer an ideal snack or quick dinner solution.

However, unlike traditional deep-dish pizza, melts have significantly lower sodium and fat content and less calories per serving than most frozen pizza options. But they may not be your healthiest option when watching your weight.

To make these pizzas in an air fryer, simply follow the directions on the box. For crispier or meltier pizzas, add additional minutes. Remember, every air fryer varies, so test out a pizza and adjust its cooking time according to your personal preferences. To ensure even cooking results, laying the dough out onto a baking sheet before heating will help avoid sticking at the bottom of your air fryer.

Pizza Sandwiches

Tempted by pizza but don’t have the time to prepare a full meal? A fast and easy solution to satisfying that craving would be to use Red Baron French Bread Pizza slices as pizza sandwiches in an air fryer for approximately seven minutes, creating an irresistibly tasty meal!

Enhance the flavor of your pizza sandwiches with additional tricks to bring out their full potential. Try sprinkling fresh herbs like parsley, thyme, or basil onto it to add an aromatic burst. Another method would be using sauce with some sweetness such as barbecue sauce to balance both salty and sweet elements of pizza sandwiches.

Add extra indulgence to your pizza sandwich by including cooked bacon or sausage for an indulgent touch, adding salty and savory notes that go perfectly with cheese-laden pizza slices.

As well as being an indulgent snack, pizza sandwiches make delicious meals! Perfect for breakfast and lunch alike, they can be created using any kind of bread from whole grain to white, and filled with vegetables, meats, cheese, and herbs. To prepare one on a baking sheet by buttering one side only of each slice before layering pepperoni and topping off with another piece of bread – simply follow these simple instructions!

French Bread Pizza

Frozen French bread pizza is an easy and quick family dinner that tastes fantastic. Simply load your desired toppings onto crusty French bread before baking to melty perfection for the best flavorful experience. Perfect for weeknight or weekend family meals; even better as an entertaining or movie night dish for entertaining friends or your little ones!

If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade frozen pizza, this air fryer French bread pizza might just be it! Topped with zesty tomato sauce and two kinds of cheese before being baked until melty perfection, add any toppings you like from mushrooms, pepperoni, roasted red peppers, or fresh basil before baking to prevent your pizza from becoming soggy. Be sure to cook any moist ingredients first to prevent sogginess in the French bread pizza!

Make this quick and simple recipe in minutes: Just grab a few slices of your favorite loaf of French bread, top them with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese, and experiment with various toppings until you find what works for you – Josh used sausage and caramelized onions; try different meats or even vegetarian options such as spinach and artichokes instead for something different. For an extra spicy kick add dried oregano or basil as well as red pepper flakes to the crust before topping with mozzarella cheese for maximum flavor!