How Freelancers Use WordPress to Build Websites

WordPress is one of the world’s premier website-creation tools and an efficient content management system.

Since its conception, WordPress has been focused on serving content people. As a result, it has quickly become the world’s top CMS, with a great blogging engine.

Wil Wheaton uses WordPress as his long-running blog platform, while governments like Milwaukee Police use it to develop modern data-driven websites.


WordPress freelancers are an in-demand commodity as it enables them to design, build, sell, and support websites for sale or sale. Plus, they have support and maintenance skills, making their services highly sought after.

Effective communication and project management skills are paramount to freelancer success in any career field while keeping up-to-date on industry trends is also crucial.

WordPress, for instance, allows users to import content from hosted services like Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, and TypePad while offering plugins for social media widgets, forum integration, spam protection, and fine-tuning SEO controls.

Store Owners

WordPress is an easily managed content management system, ideal for scaling as your business expands. You can add plugins for increased functionality, such as analytics tools and shopping carts, to make your website an effective sales tool.

WordPress, as an open-source platform, is constantly being improved by thousands of developers worldwide. These specialists create plugins and other add-ons to enhance site customization and functionality while also fixing bugs and improving security – and all these enhancements come free to you!


Many schools must manage information for multiple audiences – current and prospective students – which WordPress makes easy with its blogging features and blocks, including updating them on events quickly and efficiently. Plus, plugins like Sensei LMS allow schools to host courses on their sites that can be monetized via membership systems like Sensei. Online communities also serve various functions, from keeping fans up-to-date on events to sharing product reviews like One Cut Reviews (above). When it comes to community websites like these and others alike, WordPress is unbeatable!

Online Communities

Online communities like fan clubs for a popular video game or students at an educational institution require tools that enable direct engagement with the content they create. WordPress simplifies building community websites by offering plugins like event calendars and membership systems – essential components in building lasting sites for communities to grow!

Peerboard and Buddypress plugins enable community sites to offer social media-style features like extended profiles, private groups, and activity streams – creating the illusion of having all the functionality of large social networks in a local environment.

Software Marketers

Many software as a-service businesses, like the marketing management platform ConvertKit, rely on WordPress to inform visitors of their services. Business owners and side hustlers also utilize it for creating landing pages directly connected to their marketing campaigns.

Modern creatives and coders use WordPress’s portfolio features to showcase their work. Graphic designer Ryan Cameron for instance, uses it to present both his design and code projects on one website page using WordPress.

WordPress makes it simple for users to create and manage their content, whether that involves blogging, creating pages, or uploading media. Tools available make this task much faster than it would otherwise be completed.

Portfolio Sites

WordPress hosts an active community with numerous resources such as forums, blogs, and guides. In addition, plugins and themes address specific needs, such as email signup forms or photo galleries.

Artists like Gris Grimly use WordPress to share art updates and promote their work. Through e-commerce plugins, they can even sell artwork directly through their website.

Businesses and side hustlers trust WordPress to build websites that showcase their services and achievements, while its simple blogging tools make sharing industry expertise easy.


WordPress started as a blogging platform and has become one of the world’s most widely used CMS. While expanding to support multiple uses, its primary audience remains bloggers.

With WordPress, businesses can create an online home explicitly tailored for them and their brand. Airstream uses this platform to showcase and connect with customers, while Georgia State University utilizes it as a communication channel with students.

WordPress makes it simple and efficient for blogs hosted on ending services, including Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, MovableType, and Tumblr, to migrate their content. Some plugins make this transition effortless.