How Do New Balance 550 Fit?

The 550s are an affordable staple for neutral striders who prioritize comfort and durability over flashy tech. While they run snug in the toe box, those with wider feet should consider ordering up.

Overall, New Balance 550s run true to size when compared with other sneakers and brands. People with narrow feet should stick with their regular shoe size while those with wide feet should consider going up half a size for maximum comfort.

Fresh Foam Technology

The New Balance 550 features Fresh Foam Technology, which is an advanced form of high-density foam designed to offer feet support and cushion. Highly durable and lightweight, it makes an excellent choice for walking or running workouts. Furthermore, its dense rubber outsole gives support and durability throughout its workout; podiatrists recommend it as a supportive shoe suitable for walking and running activities.

In addition to cushioning, the 550 sneakers also boast a wide toe box, providing plenty of room for your toes to move freely – helping prevent painful blisters and other discomforts that can arise when your toes are constricted. Furthermore, these stylish shoes come in multiple colors and styles so you’re sure to find a pair that best complements your personal taste!

If you plan on wearing your 550 sneakers daily, we advise purchasing the size that matches your usual foot width. However, if you prefer loose fitting sneakers, or have wide feet that need roomier fit options, we suggest getting half a size larger – leather may feel stiff initially but will soften over time! To ensure an ideal fit, try your sneakers on with socks of various thicknesses before measuring your feet to ensure you purchase the proper size.

Free Returns

If the Move insoles you purchased at a New Balance store or online don’t fit perfectly with your shoes, don’t fret! Returns within 30 days are free with proof of original packing slip or order confirmation email and some form of ID as well as our complimentary return shipping label to get them back to us!

In 2021, New Balance revived their iconic silhouette – the New Balance 550 – when Boston footwear giant joined forces with New York-based streetwear label Aime Leon Dore to release vintage-inspired pairs. Since then, various other collaborators have offered different takes on it; Japanese company AURALEE even previewed an updated minimalist rendition featuring yellow midsole reminiscent of its early days!

Even though its roots lie in basketball, this sneaker can easily be worn every day due to its clean lines and modern design. Crafted with premium smooth leather uppers featuring multiple overlapping panels for optimal coverage of two lacing holes at the heel, lockdown panels cover any potential wear spots on either foot for additional security.

Sizing-wise, the 550 is true to size for most. However, keep in mind that every foot is unique; what may feel comfortable for one may not work as well for others. Therefore we strongly advise taking your measurements prior to ordering online!

Free Shipping

New Balance shoes are known for being comfortable and supportive, but finding your ideal size can be key to their perfect flex and fit. Shoe size charts may help, but sometimes intuition is best when finding your ideal kicks.

The New Balance 550 basketball sneaker once reigned supreme as one of the most favored footwear choices for court performance, yet remains popular among casual wearers as well. Though intended as court shoes, its comfort and versatility has made them popular with casual runners as well. Though designed as performance wear, its comfort and versatility has become popular with casual striders too – with its distinctive fit offering comfort over performance on court courts. Unfortunately its unique sizing can make finding an appropriate pair difficult without first trying them on in person.

The 550 is known to run slightly snug in the toe box, making it ideal for runners with narrow feet. However, if your feet tend to wear thick socks on an ongoing basis or if your width exceeds medium width range then we advise going up half a size.

Shopping online for sneakers can be tricky, but with our free shipping and returns policy you have no commitments beyond trying them on before making your final choice. If you need assistance making a choice we encourage you to reach out our customer service team who are here to assist – give them a call or drop them an email and they’ll guide you through it all – soon you’ll be wearing your brand new NB 550s!

Wide Toe Box

If you’re searching for shoes that combine comfort and style, the New Balance 550 may be just what you’re searching for. It features a wide toe box to prevent pinched toes or feet and also boasts high-quality rubber outsoles that offer exceptional traction and support.

These classic shoes feature timeless design, making them suitable for every outfit and casual or formal event alike. Pair with jeans or joggers to complete the perfect look!

These sneakers come in an assortment of colors and sizes, as well as wide widths to suit people with wider feet. However, if you have narrow feet, it’s recommended that you size up in order to ensure they fit comfortably without becoming too tight.

If you’re considering purchasing a pair of New Balance 550s, be aware that they run true to size and may require a short break-in period. They are lightweight with plenty of cushioning for comfort; however they may be tight around the heel and midfoot area, making sizing important. These shoes also have flexible soles which enable natural foot movement and offer excellent arch support, making them great for walking or running.