FWD Health Insurance Review

If you’re considering buying a health insurance policy, FWD might be worth your consideration. It offers low commitment, customizable coverage, and a cancer benefit rider. Nevertheless, the base plans are low-cost compared to other competitors. In addition, it offers a choice between a 10 percent coinsurance and a 20 percent coinsurance, making it affordable for most people.


The cost of a basic plan with FWD’s 1m to 3m is surprisingly low, especially compared to other insurance companies. These plans include hospitalization charges, cancer treatment, accidental dental, and organ transplants, and offer a no-claims bonus. Depending on your age and health status, these plans can cost between S$600 and S$3,001. This is about 60% cheaper than industry averages and includes many extras.

One of the plans offered by FWD is the “Big 3 Critical Illness Plan.” This plan covers cancer, heart attack, and stroke with a lump sum benefit. Additional riders include coverage for certain types of cancer, dental, vision, and maternity. It also has a guaranteed renewal up to age 85. Alternatively, you can buy a plan that covers other heart and neurological disorders.

FWD Group has offices in 10 Asian countries and offers medical, life, and employee benefits. To find an affordable plan, use a comparison site like Alea, which works with FWD to find the best policy for you. Hong Kong has one of the world’s most expensive private healthcare systems, so you will want to compare insurance premiums. Remember that insurance premiums in Hong Kong depend on your age, country of residence, and the benefits you want to include.


FWD’s 1m to 3m plans are relatively affordable and provide full coverage for hospitalization charges, accidental dental care, and organ transplants. They also offer no-claims bonuses. The plans are tailored to different age groups, and the price range varies from S$600 for an individual aged 25 to S$780 for a 65-year-old. While the prices are slightly higher than other plans, FWD’s health plans are still more affordable than many competitors.

FWD is a Singapore-based insurance company that spans Asia and provides medical, life, and employee benefits. Their website is easy to navigate, and you can sign up online, pay online, and even receive a 10% discount for using MoneySmart. It’s not a complicated process, and no brokers or intermediaries are involved. Instead, FWD tailors its plans to its customers’ specific needs, making them more affordable and easier to purchase.

FWD has a new international health insurance plan for Singaporeans and ex-pats abroad. This new plan offers comprehensive international coverage and includes hospitalization benefits outside of Singapore. It also offers flexibility when it comes to moving your policy.


The Low-commitment FWD Health Insurance plan is an excellent option for those looking for a health insurance policy that covers a variety of health conditions. Although FWD’s base plans are relatively low-cost, the Outpatient Benefits package is attractive, costing between 10% and 20% less than similar plans from rival companies. Additionally, FWD offers a no-claims bonus, which can significantly benefit people looking to save money.

The Low-commitment FWD Health Insurance plan is one of the most affordable options in Singapore. It costs between S$671 and S$2,831 for a 1m to 3m plan. This covers a variety of inpatient and outpatient services and is 68-70 percent below the industry average. The plan also covers eye check-ups every two years.

FWD’s International Health Insurance plans are some of the most affordable international plans on the market. However, there are some limitations to the lower-limit plans, including no coverage for some conditions. However, the higher-end plans offer an impressive range of benefits at an affordable price. While these plans may not be the best option for value-conscious consumers, they might be the best option for others who need health insurance coverage.

Cancer benefit rider

The FWD Health Insurance Review cancer benefit rider offers a unique safety net against cancer. This rider pays up to P2 million in cash if you are diagnosed with cancer. Moreover, it allows you to claim up to 20% of the total cash benefits if you are diagnosed early. This is a flexible rider that you can use to pay off your medical bills over five or ten years, depending on your needs. The cancer benefit rider will only require personal information and medical history, and it doesn’t require you to disclose your family history.

The cancer benefit rider will cost you less than a separate critical illness policy, and it doesn’t end when you die. You can keep it until you reach age 85 or die, depending on your preference. Moreover, it is an online insurance policy, so you won’t have to visit a physical to get the benefits. Another advantage of this cancer benefit rider is that you can choose to have a family member submit the claim for you if you cannot submit it yourself.