Epic Forex Review – Is Epic Forex a Pyramid Scheme?

If you are thinking about joining an MLM that promotes forex trading, you might be wondering if Epic Trading is legit. Is it a CFTC-regulated pyramid scheme? Is it expensive? Read this Epic Forex review to learn whether this program is a scam or not. Also, I will discuss what you can do instead of paying for signals.

Epic Trading is a forex trading MLM

Epic Trading is a forex trading MLM company that claims to help you trade in the forex market. It offers forex training and investment advice but does not claim to offer passive income or invest in your portfolio. Epic Trading does not exercise trading authority over any of its member’s trades.

Epic Trading has been in business since 2020, when its founder David McCovey launched it. It has a solid set of educational resources and a fairly active customer support team. However, the monthly membership cost is $137, so new traders might want to go with a cheaper option. In addition, the company offers a multilevel marketing referral compensation scheme that can benefit new traders.

Epic Trading is a forex trading MLM company that offers educational resources, live trading sessions, and quantitative research. It is operated by David McCovey, a serial entrepreneur with experience in retail, hospitality, and Multi-Level Marketing. The company also has an affiliate marketing program.

The CFTC regulates it

The CFTC is the government agency responsible for overseeing the financial markets and is a primary regulator of forex. Its role is to ensure that markets are competitive and transparent and to protect US citizens. In this regard, the agency oversees trading platforms, exchanges, and futures companies. It also conducts investigations and levies fines to prevent market abuse. Its regulatory powers also include drawing up a Red List of firms that do not comply with its rules. The agency has the authority to issue warnings, no-action letters, and suspensions of these companies and can issue a permanent ban.

CFTC regulation of forex firms is very broad. Most regulated firms must be registered with the agency to offer their services to US investors. The CFTC does not regulate all Forex platforms, however. Some are not registered at all.

It is a pyramid scheme.

If you’re wondering whether or not Epic Forex is a pyramid scheme, it’s essential to know if a company is a scam. In this review, we’ll tell you if this program is legitimate and if it’s a good choice for those looking for a way to make money online. The company promises to teach you forex trading, but that’s just not true. In addition to delivering trading signals, this company does not offer investment advice or trading authority over your trades. It also offers no automated trading.

Epic Forex Trade is not a pyramid scheme, but it is an inferior MLM program that’s filled with questionable practices. The company’s compensation plan is not transparent and encourages its members to recruit others. As a result, those people will be funneled into their recruitment system. Forex trading MLM firms are generally not good business models, and you’ll be better off investing in reputable trading services.

It is expensive

If you’re looking for a comprehensive forex training program, look no further than Epic Trading. This global training platform specializes in foreign exchange currency trading and offers a multilevel marketing referral scheme. However, this program is expensive, costing more than $100 monthly for basic membership. In addition, it’s unclear what security measures the company employs. You should check their website to learn more about their privacy and refund policies and how they treat customer data.

The company is relatively new, so it’s hard to tell what bonuses you’ll get if you join. The compensation plan, however, is lucrative and focuses on recruiting affiliates. The company is pushy, though, which may turn some people off. The compensation plan, however, does not include any retail bonuses.

Although this program is costly, it does offer a wide variety of educational resources. It also offers a referral incentive plan. In addition, it offers a premium service, including a multilevel affiliate marketing program. This might be worth the price if you’re just starting.