Elite Forex Trader Review – Is Elite Forex Scalper a Scam?

Elite Forex Scalper is a grid and martingale-based scalping robot.

Elite Forex Scalper is a grid and Martingale-based scalping robot that analyzes market conditions and places trades accordingly. It also manages risk effectively, even during the worst market conditions. It can be used on any trading instrument and any chart timeframe. Although highly customizable, this robot is still highly risky and can lead to large drawdowns. If unsure about its reliability, you should consider an alternative trading robot like Forex Flex EA.

The Elite Forex Scalper robot is designed by Elite Forex, a well-known company. The Elite Forex team has a long history in the forex market and has been implementing trading solutions for many years. Both professional traders and novices can use this fully automated trading solution. It requires a minimum deposit of $300-$500 and recommends a maximum deposit of $3000.

It uses a conservative martingale.

The conservative martingale strategy is a conservative trading strategy that can survive a breakout of a trend and allows the trader to maintain a high volume of open transactions while keeping their drawdown within acceptable limits. This trading system can also be used in pairs with strong trending behavior. This system shows a return of 9% and can be used in short-term and long-term strategies. To use the conservative martingale strategy, a trader must decide how much he is prepared to risk and work out all other parameters.

The conservative martingale method is a popular strategy in the currency market. This strategy is used because currency values rarely go below zero. Although a country can go bankrupt, companies are unlikely to do so unless they choose to.

It has a 100% win rate.

While Elite Forex Trade claims to have a 100% win rate, their trading activities are shrouded in secrecy and never reveal their actual size of trades. This means that their claims of 80% success are nothing more than false promises. The truth is that their statements entail a large number of losses and very little profit. Their 68% profit rate is also not very impressive but is a fair representation of their performance. Investing your money with a regulated broker is a better idea, and practicing with virtual money first. This way, you can assess how much you can afford to risk before you invest your money.

The key to consistently profitable forex trading is using a trading strategy that focuses on average risk to reward. Then, using a simple mathematical formula, you can calculate how much you need to win to break even. As long as you win more often than you lose, you will be able to keep up with your losses and eventually become a profitable trader.

It can operate 24/5

The Elite Forex Scalper EA is a fully automated forex software that works around the clock. It does everything from charts to trading and risk management. It has default settings for most currency pairs, but you can change these to meet your needs. Key EA settings include stop loss, take profit, and position size. The software also adjusts risk size to meet your comfort level.

The Elite Forex Scalper EA uses a forex scalping strategy to find the best trading opportunities. The software uses proper risk management and seeks out trading opportunities in every market. This trading strategy eliminates emotional decisions and trading mistakes.

It is a scam

An elite forex trader is a scam because it does not offer regulated forex trading. This means that you won’t have any protection if something goes wrong. Also, you will lose all of your money. Elite is not regulated anywhere and has no special restrictions, so you will likely lose all of your money.

The Elite forex trader claims to offer an 80% win rate, but its statements are shrouded in secrecy. However, if you look at their performance history, you will see too many losses and small profits. The best way to determine whether this program is a scam is to ask for a detailed background report. It would help if you also asked for a full disclosure of your profits and losses.