Interested to know why Electric bike shop is the Best

Details about Electric bike shop:

Dear riders;

You keep our city moving and you keep us fed…YOU ARE HEROES!

Electric bike shop – We at Onboards understand the vital role that you play in our community and how much you help us-that’s why we always look for ways to help your way of moving around and giving you an advantage on the road.

Electric bike shop – Since the rise of electric bikes, delivery couriers have been rapidly adopting it as a method of transport around to do their job. Their cheapness and practicality compared with the other forms of transportation make the difference when it comes to spending your hard-earned money. Although there are many that can’t help but wonder…

Why an E-bike?

Electric bike shop – Electric Bikes help power you to deliver more orders more quickly, without tiring yourself out. The increased speed and reduced tiredness from electric bikes have helped riders deliver more per hour and increased the amount they earn. With most riders traveling 40 – 60 miles in a single day, an electric bike will power you through your shift.

Here are some points to prove you why:

Less tiring! With the help of a motor, you won’t tire as quickly

Go further. Electric Bikes let you take higher paid orders that are further away due to extra range

Charge anywhere! eBikes charge from normal outlets – so you can charge at work, home or coffee shops

At least £1.50 more per hour! Electric Assistance gets you to deliveries quicker & lets you deliver more (according to delivery brands)

1-year warranty + in-house mechanic We prioritize repairs for our delivery heroes – and offer bespoke servicing and maintenance plans to not only get you back on the road quickly and keep you on it longer – pop in and speak with us

Greener. More companies are keen to use green, emissions free alternatives

Electric bike shop – If you need guidance and/or assistance with your first eBike for delivery our expert team will gladly give you a hand! They will assess you regarding the number of hours you work, the distances that you make, and the time that you have to team up with your best bike partner!

With all eBikes purchased from us, you will receive service and support from our in-house mechanic. You can simply bring your bike and get it fixed as quickly as possible-most of the time on the same day! We understand time is money in this job and we want to make it easier for you.